Build It to Understand It: Ludology Meets Narratology in Game Design Space were realized, including the hotly debated question of ludology vs. narratology. LUDOLOGY MEETS NARRATOLOGY.: Similitude and differences between ( video)games and narrative. By Gonzalo Frasca. Finnish version. Ludology Meets Narratology – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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In this conception of a game, rules are less important than goals and strategies.

Interactive Fantasy 2, available on: Thus, we cannot claim that ludus and narrative are equivalent, because the first is a set of possibilities, while the second is a set of chained actions. A game theorist, on the other hand, would certainly ask herself what kind of games are going on in the humanities, and what is at stake.

The fact is that we did not find in this theory elements that seemed useful for our medts.

For game theory, games and narratives are not categorically distinct entities, and game theory and narratology have quite a lot in common when it comes to theories and narratklogy. And, if games studies scholars would team up with game theorists, they might find out that they meetts have a few things to say about stories that are of interest to narratologists as well.

These narratives constitute a domain that narratives and games have in common rather than that it sets them apart.

Build It to Understand It: Ludology Meets Narratology in Game Design Space | DiGRA

Whereas in earlier centuries the world was narratologg of as a stage, in the last quarter of the twentieth century it was conceived as a text woven by the narrative threads human beings read in it in their efforts to make sense of their perceptions and experiences.


Our main goal was to show how basic concepts of ludology could be used along with narratology to better understand videogames. Therefore, it might not hurt to take one more look into this matter. There is a rule in play: The hero with a thousand faces. Many games actually are designed to make at least one of the players meet her virtual death e.

We can give many examples of play: Evolution and the theory of games. Digital Games Research Conference.

To illustrate this point, Narratologt quotes Mary-Laure Ryan:. After that period, games start to be played, and they continue through adulthood.

Michael Mateas, for instance, notices: Actually, we could easily add the Abstention option in ludustoo: MUD players are not authors; even if they pretend to be somebody else, they do not usually want to tell a story but to be engaged in paidea activities.

Basically, traditional games have always had less academic status than other objects, like narrative. The reason is that games have a strong social component, and young children need first to be socialized narratolkgy order to perform that kind of activities. The medium of the video game.

The University of Texas Press. So, there is no “winning plot”, as in adventure videogames.

Something similar happens in MUDs. Usually, play activities are associated with children, while games are thought to be more adult activities. However, producing narrative and being narrative are different things. After all, every multiplayer strategic game is a mind game because players play against what they believe other players believe they believe Osborne, Ediciones de la Banda Oriental, However, the task is not easy.

Ludus is a particular kind of paideadefined as an ” activity organized under a system of rules that defines a victory or a defeat, a gain or barratology loss.

Ludology Meets Narratology | An Introduction to Game Studies

The point-of-view of the game player on the other hand, meetx studies scholars argue, is prospective because for the gamer the outcome of the game is still hidden in the future. Huizinga, Johan []Homo ludens: One is the puppet, controlled by the player; the rest are either computer-controlled or either human-controlled.


London and New York: As we are going to show, metes are facing two ontological different objects. It is a completely different activity to watch a game and to play the game. As adventure players have less freedom of action than paidea players, the characters in ludus will have to react to a smaller amount of stimulus. Real life consists of bluffing, of little tactics of deception, of asking yourself what is the other man going to think I mean to do. The concept of ludus can be helpful to understand the relationship between this particular kind of entertainment and narrative.

Gonzalo Frasca a, p.

Build it to understand it: Ludology meets narratology in game design space

On the other hand, games are more narratoogy defined: University of Nebraska Press, The evolution of cooperation. In an effort to stake out an exclusive niche for games studies, these scholars succumbed to the nxrratology academic game of naming and labelling that is designed to legitimate a strict division of labour among academic disciplines, and the accompanying appropriation and monopolization of objects of studies. The University of Chicago Press.

Emma Bovary and Anna Karenina are just less fortunate players in the game of life whose fates are recounted in the novels that bear their names.