La hermandad negra y otros cuentos/ The black brotherhood and other stories by H. P. Lovecraft, , available at Book. La hermandad negra y otros cuentos/ The black brotherhood and other stories ( Spanish Edition) by Lovecraft, H. P. and a great selection of similar Used, New. Buy La hermandad negra y otros cuentos/The black brotherhood and other stories by H. P. Lovecraft (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. La prosa de Lovecraft es inconfundible, por mucho que digan. Estos son los diez relatos contenidos en el libro: Por el norte de Dunwich, Massachusetts, viaja el protagonista tras realizar un encargo.

Pero de repente cae una tormenta y ha de buscar refugio en una vieja casa apartada del camino. El protagonista recibe como lovwcraft la propiedad de su bisabuelo, Asaph Peabody. Entre arreglo y arreglo de la casa, decide reunir a todos los muertos de la familia en el cementerio de la misma. Ambrose Perry ofrece a su primo Henry un trabajo de secretario. Estos experimentos parecen consistir en un viaje regresivo a la memoria hereditaria.

Igualmente puede traer dolor. Esta historia es todo un homenaje a Lovecraft. Abner Whateley regresa a Dunwich para hacerse cargo de la propiedad de su abuelo Luther Whateley, recientemente fallecido.

Enganchan desde el primer momento. negrx

The Dark Brotherhood and Other Pieces

Casi todos los cuentos tienen varios elementos comunes como la casa abandonada, la herencia, el testamento del muerto, el pueblo alejado, los vecinos, el campo, las leyendas y las supersticiones. Se nota que los autores eran grandes lectores y amantes de la naturaleza y la ciencia.

En los cuentos de Lovecraft, vemos hombres solitarios, vecinos poco amigables, monstruos mitad humanos mitad batracios y siempre un comienzo que es el principio de una nueva vida para ese personaje. Una esencia muy americana de nuevo comienzo de hombres solitarios con infancias solitarias, eruditos y poco sociables.

Un poco como la vida de Lovecraft. No hay mujeres casi. No aterroriza como otro tipo de historias. Y eso, de alguna manera, se transmite. Este libro es un gol. Dec 05, Carrie rated it liked it. I’ve heard of HP Lovecraft, the classic, tragic writer of creepy stories from the ‘s, but I’d never read anything by him.

So, when this wandered into my path loveecraft, free book! I decided to give it a go. It seemed really interesting from a historical uermandad, and I love his name. Besides, the book itself was creepy- old and yellowed with notes written in spidery handwriting in the margins Who takes notes on a horror story? I settled in, prepared to be a little disturbed. As it turns out I’ve heard of HP Lovecraft, the classic, tragic writer of creepy stories from the ‘s, but I’d never read anything by nwgra.


As it turns out, things that were creepy in the s wouldn’t make you bat an eye today.

There was a lizard monster, a couple of possessed kids, maybe some wizened townsfolk scattered about Lo que nos cuenta. Visi -A partir de borradores de uno, el otro completa alguna vez y perpetra otras.

Derleth really likes Mr. Some days, when Mr. L wakes up in the morning, he likes Mr. Lovecraft so much, that he thinks he is Mr.

On days like these, which aren’t rare, he picks up a pen, sits behind a sheet of paper, and he writes a story. One day he wrote a story called ‘The Shadow Out of Hermancad and he was proud; his smile stretched the contours of his face; he went to bed that night contented.

Derleth, isn’t your story very lovecrafh to Mr. Lovecraft’s ‘The Shadow Out of Time’? Derleth says, “it is”. Negrw vi los nombres Lovecraft y Derleth bajo el sello de Alianza Editorial, que suele tener un plus en sus ediciones, no dude ni un segundo en comprarlo. Pero las diferencias entre ambos se van haciendo notorias. Lovecaft 20, Fay rated it did not like it.

Way beyond the usual inherit racism of this time period. Sep 10, Sol rated it really liked it. Will give you like 10 words for ‘gross’. May 11, Rita rated it it was ok. Overall, these stories are pretty lame, and I’m fairly sure That they are written by Derleth. Lovecraft does a MUCH better job. Shame on you, Derleth.

Every story in the book is reflective of the each other, the two last. The first story, the Shutter Room, is probably the longest of the six stories written for this book. It is also the most Lovecraftian a young man leaves his cosmopolitan for the lonely ha “But what am Lovecraaft, without being a study of science? It is also the most Lovecraftian lovecrafg young man leaves his cosmopolitan for the lonely hamlet of Dunwich the setting for not just one, but two of the stories of this book.

When he arrives he is warned by the locals to beware what his grandfather had inside the house that the young man was staying in.

He ignores this as crazy superstition even though he admits he has no better idea of what’s going on, so he tries megra take the scientific process into his exploration of the situation, because there is no way any thing crazy could be going on. And then a giant fish man tries to eat him so he runs away.

La hermandad negra y otros cuentos

You now don’t have to read the next four stories! Well, minus the fish man. Man from civilization hermansad into a secluded, dark place. The man ignores it though, as he is a man of the new scientific age. Man explores for a while.


The Dark Brotherhood and Other Pieces by H.P. Lovecraft

And that what the first four stories represent. The fifth story, The Fisherman of Falcon Point, is the story about a very lonely fisherman who then becomes a fishman, tying in greatly with The Shuttered Room.

The Dark Brotherhood, final story of the book, is the most unique.

Because it involves several alien Edger Allen Poes coming down and trying to impregnate our women. Sadly, I found it to be in fact rather dull, and it wasn’t really as well written loveecraft the other stories.

Yes, the book is in fact well written! August Derleth is, in my opinion, a very goo writer. Only problem is, that he also only knows how to write one type of story. Which is sad, because I think hermndad would be amazing to read other types of stories, as his work seems to be atmospheric and moody, but constantly work off of notes of the departed Lovecraft, I feel, just served to hold him back as a writer.

Overall, if you’ve never read Lovecraft before, and are interested, go a head and read a hdrmandad to get a feel for the mythos with out having to start memorizing names of elder gods.

La hermandad negra y otros cuentos by H.P. Lovecraft

Otherwise, I wouldn’t really bother if you’re either a long time fan or are just not really interested. Ph’nglui negta Cthulu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn!

En algunos dan la pauta para entender este oscuro mundo. Phillips nos guie por los horrores de su imaginario. Jan 26, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy rated it liked it. This book is credited to H. Lovecraft; the actual book cover credits Lovecraft and, in much smaller print, August Derleth. In reality, the stories herein were all written by Derleth, long after Lovecraft’s death, sometimes based on stray lines from Lovecraft’s letters or his notebooks.

They are considerably inferior to Lovecraft’s own stories, but they did help to keep Lovecraft’s concepts alive for a certain generation of readers. Now that Lovecraft’s own stories are available in definitive e This book lovscraft credited to H. Now that Lovecraft’s own stories are available in definitive editions edited by S. Joshi, and the world of Mythos writing itself has expanded to include writers of real merit and originality like W.

Pugmire and others, we may look back on these pastiches with a certain fondness, aware of the act of lx they represent, while equally sensible to how far they fall short of their originals.