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The Grand Clavister’s Response To Helena Kobrin

Beginning with the first inhalation, make a slight Mula Bandha and with ddah successive intake of breath, tighten it. As the energy passes through each Chakra, a subtle pulsing of the Vairoli Mudra is performed. Your facial muscles around your jaw and lips should be contracted, almost as if you are smiling, when breathing out. During exhalation Mula Bandha and Kechari Mudra are released.

After placing Va in the center of the head the breath is held. When the flow of energy reaches the Fontanelle, the Mula Bandha and Uddiyana are released, energy travels down the back of skull. Repeat at least 12 times.

This upward movement of Prana is helped by Mula Bandha which is practiced after the breath leaves the Muladhar Chakra and by a moderate form of Uddiyana which is practiced after the breath passes beyond the Manipura Chakra. You can also sit with your back against the wall and use a pillow to support your lower back. Sound and breath are fluid all the way down, just accentuated to further sharpen the awareness of each Chakra. The energy is visualized moving from Kutastha upwards and over the middle of the skull — keeping close to it.


The tongue is up in a simple form of Kechari Mudra. Squeeze your anal muscles, or perineum, and hold.

Keep your smile while the energy flows downward to Muladhar. After a few moments, head is returned parallel and the Mantra continues Te Va Su De Va Ya as the energy travels down from the Medulla through the back of the spine to Muladhar.

As you breathe in, first feel the energy come up from the base of your spine and up your spine. The “Awww” and “Eeee” sounds are made by the breath as it goes up and down.

The second cobra breath technique Inhale through the nose visualizing the energy ascending through a channel situated in front of the spine.

Kobdin golden light are guided up through Sushumna and out through the crown. When the inhalation is complete, pause, collect your attention at the base of the spine and, exhaling, intone “Om” out loud.

You may put your hands on your knees if desired. At the start of the exhalation, tongue is relaxed and a slight expulsion of air similar to Kapalabhati is released at each Chakra with kkobrin “EEE” sound.


With the first portion, draw the golden light in through Kutastha and store it in Vishuddhi. Hold your breath and swallow, pulling your chin back and slightly down.

The sah goes through the Medulla towards Kutastha. Inhale again, this time a larger portion bringing golden light in and store in Anahata.

After about 3 seconds or more, take a sniff and begin exhalation. Keep your tongue pressed on the roof of the mouth, and make sure your anal muscles stay contracted.

The face turns right, then left and then the chin is lowered to chest. Imam frenda koji zna Kriyu It should progress to the back of your head and around the top to the crown of your head. Smile, opening thus the Medulla where the energy returns inward. SO – uzdises HAM – izdises spusti glavu bradu na prsnu kost.

The Helena Kobrin Love Page

The energy travels up through the tongue to pause at the Pineal gland. Alcyone na Kobein 24, For the last time inhale again, this is the largest inhalation, the golden light is stored in Manipura. Cobra breath one stimulates the Pituitary gland, while Cobra breath two stimulates the Pineal.