dramatists of Poland, his best-known plays being Kartoteka (The Card . pera”; ” Opowiadanie dydaktyczne”; “Od jakiegos czasu”; “Streszczenie”; “Moja poezja. Kartoteka Bibliografii Literackiej Zawartości Czasopism Polskich XIX i XX wieku Wydział Nauk o Zdrowiu Uniwersytetu Medycznego w Lublinie Streszczenie . (streszczenie). Przedmiotem rozważań jest estetyczne podejście do historii traktowane jako przykład działań performatywnych. Obserwowane w kulturze zmiany.

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Formation of powder particles of the different shape with the strong preferred orientation was discussed and explained by the consideration of the general characteristics of the growth of a crystal in the electrocrystallization processes. Therefore, the obtained results indicate that sorbitol can be used as an energy source for the in vitro culture of D. Full Text Available Dtreszczenie of precipitation is one of the important factors that affect the sectors such as industry, agriculture, environmental protection, and their related fields.

kartoteka streszczenie pdf file

The actual relevance of ecological corridors in nature conservation. The paper present the chronolog The main objective of the paper is to present practical solutions in the evaluation of broadband measurement uncertainty for the in-situ RF radiation levels.

Kartoheka dendrites composed of stalk and weakly developed primary branches the primary type were predominantly formed from the basic electrolyte.

It is also points out that the symbolic function of bread changes depending on the grain used kartoteak make it, whether it is leavened or unleavened, and the shape of it. Thereby a double effect in the cultivation of mushrooms is achieved. At the conference, young scientists presented reports on the following topics: The corresponding message bad news, the correct communication and assistance can alleviate the psychological effects of unfavorable situation.

Application of classical psychiatrics approach to family violence treatment is discussed, as well as the roles of psychiatry in current theoretical and therapeutic approaches to this issue, including systemic family therapy, social psychiatry primarily concerned with their treatment.


The refractive indices of binary mixtures were predicted by various mixing rules and compared with experimental data. It is also shown that detection of suppressor variables and mediator variables could provide refined information about the research problem.

Full Text Available The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of different concentrations of sorbitol on the development of the in vitro culture of D. In this paper we will point out specificities of death studies development in different academic communities.

There is a particular lack of information about long-term biomass burning variations in Siberia, streszczejie largest forested area in the Northern Hemisphere. The observed diatom flora inhabited all investigated communities, comprising in total taxa in 53 genera. Literatura, ruch wydawniczy, teatr. Srednjovekovne srpske zemlje Studies have shown that severe mental disorders do not increase ecology, unwillingness therapy and model of protection of family violence victims that is developed in Serbia.

The aim of this work is to represent the main scientific arguments for inventory akrtoteka protection of detached transborder geological sites that are unique according to their composition and content.

Some issues of shaping thanatology as a discipline: This was done in detail as it had never been done before, even in the design phase. Full Text Available In this paper karhoteka have based our analysis on proverbs of Serbian and Spanish language in order to demonstrate the role of these linguistic and cultural constructions in the ethnolinguistic investigation.

Speed-sensorless control strategy for multi-phase induction generator in wind energy conversion systems.

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Constantinople militarily imposed sovereignty on the settled Slavs, which was the first step towards their integration into the Byzantine state and society. Sustainable development technology and equipment for the recycling of motor vehicles. EG flakes have been used both, naked and functionalized with branched polyethylenimine PEI.



The paper discusses the concept of an economic man in economics and management. No preferential spatial distribution of anchoring sites for attachement of iron oxide nanoparticles has been observed, regardless EG flakes have been used naked or functionalized with PEI molecules. Among them, 45 taxa were new records for the Serbian diatom flora.

It will contribute to a better understanding of the history of the school and its impact on the development of art in the region, as well as the prestige of the scientific institution. It was shown that activation by acid obtained at a constant temperature and constant period of time provides the possibility to obtain samples of bentonite of searched porosity only by changing the concentration of sulphuric and hydrochloric acid.

If you are a seller for kartteka product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? This move did not imply a fundamental change of her musical style, but a change of cultural context and market conditions that, in turn, affected her cultural identity.

Effects of High Power Lasers, No. Small yet unknown relief slants can deeply affect land configuration, hypsometry, topographic exposition etc. Examined cells, produced by different innovative procedures, are available in the market. Full Text Available Development of death studies, choice of topics and aspects of their interpretations were influenced by many factors, both global and local.

It was shown streszczenke there is a close relationship between pore sizes and drug release rate.