Just Curious (Jude Deveraux) at New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an. Books by Jude Deveraux, Twin of ice, Counterfeit lady, The duchess, The A Gift of Love: Double Exposure / Just Curious / Gabriel’s Angel. Just Curious by Jude Deveraux – New York Times bestselling author Jude Deveraux’s charming Christmas novella is now available as an eBook.

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Angrily, she grabbed her purse and coat from beside her. He was obviously a Taggert, but not one Karen had seen before.

Remember that red dress you had, slit so high your tonsils were visible? Feeling much better, she was able to calm her frazzled nerves. As though in a trance, she went toward severaux pretty dresses hanging on racks at eye level. She was as dark as Karen was fair, half a foot shorter, and voluptuous.

Looking up at him, she saw that male shrug that meant that she was in charge. I seem to be perfectly healthy.

Just Curious(6) by Jude Deveraux

She has a large extended family, and is the elder sister of four brothers. I took a guess that it might curiouus the bank you use, so I tapped into the files after you left my office. If a mother is to be there a while, I’d tag the kids. Feeling quite flattered, Karen smiled brilliantly at all the young men playing touch football and she smiled even more brightly when she saw that Mac was frowning.


And they were a nice group, Karen admitted to herself.

There were adult twins and toddler twins and babies that looked so much alike they could have been clones. Ray asked my opinion about everything, from the business to the color of his socks. She sat, he piled shopping bags around devwraux, then he went to get the two of them ice cream cones, and for a while they sat in silence with their ice cream.

It was her belief that Taggert waited until the night before or the day of the wedding to present his bride with one deverxux his loathsome prenuptial agreements, letting her know just what he thought of her.

Photograph by Kim Jew. And what did they give you?

read free Just Curious by Jude Deveraux online

If she screamed, no one would hear her. The day-care center was overflowing with children, for the families of the Taggerts who owned the building were there.

His violent temper maybe? But anyway, when you mentioned babies, it made me want to hear all of it. A very, very good story? Now, she is the author of thirty-one New York Times bestsellers. A woman knew she could tell Bunny anything and it would go no further.


Jude Deveraux

But Taggert caught her arm. By the way, if, as you said, ‘we’ are giving gifts, who’s paying for these things? By clicking ‘Sign me up’ I acknowledge that I have read and agree to the privacy policy and terms of use. Next week when I announce our split, no one will be surprised.

Today was the office Christmas party and everyone was in high good spirits. Eight years curioous managing a hardware store means nothing to a personnel director.

Both elevators were stuck on the floor where the party was. My sister-in-law just had a baby, and she was reveraux complaining about anorexic sales girls who looked at her with pity every time curiouus asked if they had something in extra large. March 15, History.

Not Ray superimposed over another man’s features, but she saw Mac Taggert for himself. They were alone on the floor and all she really knew about him personally was that a lot of women had refused to marry him.