Jadual PCB yang dikeluarkan adalah bagi memudahkan majikan yang tidak Jumlah. POTONGAN CUKAI BULANAN. Saraan Bersih. Bulanan. Kategori. calculation method of Monthly Tax Deduction (MTD) are as follows: 1. SEMASA BAGI TUJUAN POTONGAN CUKAI BULANAN (PCB). PCB stands for Potongan Cukai Bulanan in Malaysia national language. The acronym is popularly known for monthly tax deduction among many Malaysians.

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Information, knowledge, tips and tricks sharing that might be beneficial or useful to you. Scheduled Monthly Tax Deduction calculation for bonus is not so straight forward. Here is how it will be calculated. I tried calculate mine, but the value come out doesn’t tally with the one appear in my payslip. The total tax amount is having cent value potongqn, which I couldn’t find it in the PCB table.

But this month I have sales commission RM Did I need to pay PCB? This is a small company. No so call HR department.

Simple PCB Calculator #1 Alternative to Kalkulator PCB Malaysia

The boss also don’t know. Thank you in advance. I have overtime claim and incentive on that month, should i add into salary for pcb bonus calculation? Anonymous Claims with actual receipt is not jaduaal to you.

For incentive, check with your HR. And this should be fully managed by HR.

She doesn’t need to worry about it. Voyager8 yes i did, but our HR manager told us that the deduction is set in the system and it will deduct automatically, there is soooo many levels and she’s unable to breakdown for me manually.

Hi Voyager8 Can I check, if the bonus is generally paid in February, and a pay imcrement is given from March onwards, will it affect the PCB deduction for the bonus month? PCB deduction depends on a few factors, including resident status, marital status, spouse working or not, number of children, etc. You can calculate yourself using the method described above, and the PCB table downloadable with the link above. So it is calculated based on actual salary in the month.


Bear in mind that PCB is deducted to help us manage our income tax, so that we don’t need to fork out a large amount of money at one time to pay the income tax every year. PCB will not affect our actual income tax. If our PCB is over deducted from income tax, we can claim back the excess when filing the tax. A good morning to you. Need to clarify on this few things. Suppose the 1 mth bonus need to pay pcb but it split into half then result no get tax in pcb schedule.

Kindly advice on this matter. Pls advice on this issue as well.

Table of Monthly Tax Deductions (MTD) Jadual Potongan Cukai Berja

Lastly thanks a lot for your kind feedback n guidance in solving this problem. Helpneeded Calculation is based on the actual amount you get within jaduap particular month. TQ for your detailed calculation.

I have one query. Your calculation bulana shows that you add both together and refer to EPF table but this differs with the method used by another website payroll.

Although most example i tested ended up to be the same figure but some differs. An example you may try is a scenario where the staff’s wages is The EPF contribution differs via the two methods. Plesae share your views. Hi,my salary is gross ,on januarythe management gave me a letter saying that my bonus will be ,however, I only received ,the income tax deduction on my pay slip says the difference amount was deducted from cuksi bonus as my income tax deduction??

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Rizal Ara That is too little. You should receive more. Are you sure your bonus is ? Hi,voyager,how to calculated is bonus rm and gross salary is add commission and allowance is rm and epf deduct porongan socso donno deduct how muchso my pcb want deduct how much? Therefore, for the month with bonus: You just got an extra RM ! Pls advice if my concept is right: Click here to download the bulansn PCB table for year Posted by Voyager8 at 6: EPF max allowed is rm February 27, at March 8, at Hi weixuan, Thanks for the correction.


March 8, at 2: May I know the tax calculation of Director fee? March 11, at 6: March 28, at 9: Hi, You can ask your HR how it is calculated. March 29, at 1: October 27, at 6: December 11, at January 12, at 9: January 14, at 3: January 14, at 4: January 17, at 4: January 25, at 8: January 26, at January 26, at 2: Thank you January 26, at 3: January 26, at 4: Hi Thanks very much for your info hulanan help – much appreciated!

HC January 26, at 5: January 27, at 6: January 12, at January 12, at 2: February 6, at 3: February 6, at 9: February 23, at 7: January 27, at January 28, at January 29, at 1: October 11, at 9: August 6, at Salary basic Reward How much pcb deduct? Thanks April 28, at Newer Post Older Post Home.

Salary range RMk-RM6k

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