Into the Dreaming [Karen Marie Moning] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A long-out-of-print novella by Moning (The Immortal Highlander, , etc.) that’s padded with previously unpublished bits and pieces of her. For the first time in hardcover, here is #1 New York Times bestselling author Karen Marie Moning’s novella Into the Dreaming, a tale of Highland fantasy.

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Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. What is better than sexy as hell Highlanders?? This book is the quintessential “magic” of the power of faith and dreamng for another, along with the absolute protection of knowing exactly who one is and what one needs. That little twist at the end between the Seelie Queen and the Unseelie King was a delight! When an ancient tapestry bearing the likeness of her beloved Highlander arrives on her doorstep, Jane is whisked back in time dreamung fifteenth-century Scotland, to the castle of Dun Haakon on the isle of Skye, where she is given one chance to save her dream lover The grandson of a great Scottish ruler, Aedan has been trapped in an icy kingdom and has no memory of his past.

The rest of the book are intriguing sidebars. BUT, it helps to read her Highlander series first if you can. Please try again later.

He was in a dark cold place for 5 centuries, his whole body was practicaly turned to ice. Things one did well to avoid seeing. Please let me know how to purchase Into the Dreaming. On further review, what’s his face has been taught by the Unseelie king with all kinds of spells and magic and such, however we do not understand the depths of this we can assume he is deadly.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The story of this book takes place in the Isle of Skye and it starts with a game between the Unseelie King and the Seelie Queen.

If you’ve already started on this series, than you have to add this one to the list. There atop one of the turrets glaring down at her, is her Highland Warrior. Oh, don’t tell me it’s a fantasy romance so realism is not needed here, a certain amount of realism is needed in every book. Also, if you only want the short story itself, check out “Tapestry” where it was previously released for half the price.


Aedan is tough, but what he goes through is hard to imagine. If the royal house was not amenable to the faery world, Vengeance toppled kings as carelessly as one might sweep a chessboard.

See all reviews. No longer looking kind, loving and gentle, but fierce and forbidding.

Although I adored and voraciously read the other Highlander books by Karen Marie Moning, Into the Dreaming was a welcome change from the standard formula. The Highlander’s Touch Highlander, Book 3.

Into the Dreaming: Karen Marie Moning: : Books

This is just a short story, but it’s dreamy enough to hold my attention. She has one month to make him fall in love with her or he will be trapped in the Un This is a nice kafen short story.

It was a cute little novella and a quick dreamig, but not particularly substantial or well-written. I rather like Aedan though he is absolutely no Dageus or Cian.

It’s a sexy and fun read.

This is Moning at her romantic, funniest finest. Not horrible, not great either. Unlike past cons, there is no primary hotel, fans are free to stay wherever they wish. If, by the end of that time, he is loved and loves in return, he will be free. OK, so we start off with someone speaking to the Queen about the King finding a new Vengeance.

The story itself is good, not her best, but you can see how it’s the start of everything for KMM. Modern-day woman with dreams of being a published romance author, whose novels are inspired by the vivid dreams of a dark Highlander that she’s had as long as she can remember, is thrown back in time to save the LITERAL man of her dreams?

Did Moning ever do a story about him because Mwrie sign up for that with freaking bells on? I think this could get low reviews bc it seems misleading as it’s being billed as Highlander 8, was previously released, and if you look drfaming the book itself, you’d think it was a regular book, when it’s only a novella.


One day out of the blue, she receives an ancient tapestry picturing her dream lover, a Highland Warrior. I don’t know why I read this one before reading the other previous books in the series.

Jane has fallen in love with him, before they actually meet in person.

This version with all the bonus material was so worth the wait and it was great to visit this world that I love so much!! I liked this, and bought this bc it really helps tie the Highlander series with the Fever series.

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Moning includes a proposal sent to a publisher for a never published romance novel. After the five hundred years he has one month to marif love or lose his true self forever. Anyway, it is a waste of time to read.

First read January 08, Re-read February 6th, She falls asleep with it, and wakes up on the shore of a sea, near an This was an exciting ” take ” on Beauty and the Beast!


Jane has one month to realize she’s not dreaming, make Aedan remember who is was, and make him fall in love with her. Although they remain in this time, a thought occurred to me earlier of a mention of a romance novelist who wanted to take pictures of If he can find love at the end of thirty days, he will be released from the evil king. At least it’s quick, not a horrible read but very choppy. Media reporter, reviewer, producer, guest booker, blogger.

Im on Kiss of the Highlander!