Inside the Spaceships has 63 ratings and 13 reviews. David said: When believers of UFOs divide into the usual 2 camps of Religious or Scientific, a str. George Adamski (17 April – 23 April ) was a Polish American citizen who became widely known in ufology circles, and to some degree in popular culture, after he claimed to have photographed spaceships from other planets, met with friendly Nordic alien Space Brothers, . In his book Inside the Space Ships, Adamski claimed that Orthon. Inside The Space Ships by George Adamski (). excerpt from the book: I had to remind myself that, after all, they too were human beings and, no matter how.

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Small spaceships of the Metharia civilization see pic. Since December 13, when he was able to make photographs within feet of the same saucer that had brought his original visitor? This second visitor brings him to a Venusian Scout flying saucer and this, in turn, brings him to a mother ship.

Later lie is conveyed in both a Saturnian Scout and a Saturnian mother ship. Adamski tells us what transpires in these space craft and what the men and women from other worlds have told him.

Desmond Leslie, who was co-author with Adamski of Flying Saucers Have Landed, provides a foreword to the new book in which he courageously faces the fact that many will be initially skeptical of the astonishing facts now told for the first time by George Adamski.

I wish to express my deep appreciation to Charlotte Blodget for framing my experiences in the written words of this book.

Introduction by Charlotte Blodget. In the introduction to this book I wish to begin by stating that while none can help but find the contents deeply fascinating, I am fully aware that incredulity in varying degrees is bound to follow. Many, feeling the sincerity with which he tells his story, will brand him as an honest but self-deluded man and toss his adventures into the category of the mental or psychic. Although I myself have seen the space ships on several occasions, both here in the Bahamas where I live and at Palomar during the several weeks I stayed there this past summer, I have never been inside one.

I have, however, met George Adamski. He is a man of unquestionable integrity. Adamski describing my sightings here and asked if I might call on him.

A cordial invitation to do so was the result. I do not hesitate to state that I made my first visit to Palomar Terraces with heavily crossed fingers. What I found was a man far removed from axiy of these and rather difficult to describe. My first reaction was that a minor crime had been committed in allowing so inadequate and misleading a photograph to be used on the jacket of his book.

Flying Saucers Have Landed Not only is Adamski a handsome man in a very individual way, but here was a fine face with integrity clearly written on it. It is also, as I discovered during my weeks there, a face from which an expression of kindness and patience never departs.

But his irritation seldom extends to another fellow being. All who find their way to his door, be they bores, pests or bellicose challengers, meet with the same patient courtesy as the intelligent, the charming or the important in a worldly sense. His is the true humility which precludes arrogance. The fact that Adamski possesses more wisdom than formal education is, in his case, an asset, leaving him free of the fetters which too often shackle the academic mind.

George Adamski

At the same time, he is amazingly well informed on most subjects, including world events and the causes that lie behind them.

Perhaps it is partly owing to this that he is something of a prophet. For instance, once he had become convinced of the extra-terrestrial nature of the strange objects he had seen in the spaceshipx, he set about getting photographic evidence of their reality.


That this was a project of major proportions should be obvious.

Hazards of weather and the length teorge time involved did not deter Adamski. Since then photographs taken in many parts of the world have been made public, showing the same type ships in corroboration of the Adamski photographs. A by the British Book Centre. I found a general interest in Saucers keener than I had anticipated. What few could swallow was spacwships George Adamski had seen and talked with our neighbors from other planets and been taken up in their ships.

Lack of any extensive knowledge of outer space was readily admitted. The conquest of gravity still lies in the future. The more mature the mind of man becomes, the more fully he realizes that the endless miracles of an infinite creation cannot be fully measured by any yardstick he will ever devise.

This is a thrilling, not a frightening or discouraging realization. Therefore, I asked spacceships received his permission to quote from his letter as follows: I have read your letter with a great amount of interest, and while all the different phases seem to make sense iside the one hand, on the other they do not.

As I have told you, I do have witnesses to one of my journeys in a space craft. Both are scientists who hold high positions.

Once they are able to make a statement the picture will change overnight. When they believe that they can release the substantiation they have without jeopardizing either the national defense or themselves, they have said that they will do so through the press. How soon that will be, your guess is as good as mine. But because they were with spaeships at the request of the Brothers, some things are moving in behalf of both the Brothers and the general public that otherwise could not have been started.

So again Insidee have to wait with faith, letting time be the judge.

I can see your point about personal witnesses who, free from security or personal reasons, would be at liberty to speak out and support me.

But just as skeptics would question my own affidavit, would they not question that of anyone else? This was proven in regard to the sworn testimony of witnesses present at the meeting described in Flying Saucers Have Landed. When a critic is a critic, one can bring the Almighty before him and still he will question.

George Adamski- Inside The Spaceships « eye of the cyclone

Even the average man is quick to doubt anything that is new to him. When it comes to concrete articles made on another planet which I might produce, would they really serve?

Quite apart from the impossibility of showing them to all readers of the book, we are up against the same old story in regard to photographs of such things. Look what they have said about the space craft photos which show objects entirely adamsik from any made on Earth—and which have been photographed by many people in different parts of the world! It is almost like this: His words are just as true today. Yet the book has gone round the world.

Adamskj kind of proof demanded was premature and could not in sspaceships be given. But time and patience finally vindicated those who brought forth the ideas. Humanity is that much better off spaceshipa because of them—not because of the skeptics! It is no different today. But let me assure you of one thing. The Brothers will not fail us if we follow their guidance, any more than they failed us in Flying Saucers Have Landed.

While we humans did very little in spreading it that far, someone else must have assisted greatly. I am sure afamski we shall not be wrong.


Let the critics ask! Their very opposition may serve as a stimulant for their own curiosity, causing them to enter into a deeper research or analysis. In regard to analysis of the little piece of metal slag to which I refer in the book and which you held in your hand, I have hesitated because of a former experience. Some years ago I bad a chemical analysis made of a piece of metal alloy which I knew for a fact did not stem from this planet. My first thought was an analysis and I turned it over to a scientist to have done.

When I first telephoned to ask the result, this man sounded very excited. When he said that it was nothing that could not be xdamski up in any old scrapyard, naturally I persisted in demanding an explicit statement of his findings.

I recognize that my wisdom is very little in comparison to that of the Brothers. Therefore, I leave all decisions to them, as you would. I have reason to believe that they are endeavoring to make contacts in other parts of the world so that no one, even the most skeptical, could accuse me of perhaps deluding a witness companion, or even buying him off to support my statements, should I try to introduce one whose name carried no weight in the world.

The first book did contribute to such an awakening. The purpose of this book is to stimulate this activity into even greater growth and understanding. No scientific support of any kind was present for the events described in the first book.

This has happened in spite of opposing forces who, for whatever reasons, do not wish the truth to come out. It will be the same with this book. I have been well protected against many things, as well as guided. So far, the Brothers have never let me down.

So if we wait patiently and in quiet confidence, things will come out as they should. Foreword by Desmond Leslie. My publisher and I both agreed that there was sufficient evidence, in his testimony that he had contacted a Flying Saucer on the ground, to warrant publishing his narrative. Later events proved that we were justified. On February 15,two boys aged thirteen and eight took a photo of an object that had descended from the clouds over Coniston, Lancashire.

The only difference, so far as rough examination could show, was a difference in angle.

This photograph appeared spadeships have been taken at an angle of about to the vertical axis of the Saucer, whereas the corresponding Adamski photograph was taken at an angle of about A thorough insude proved that the boys had not 1 faked the negative, or 2 photographed a model copied from the Adamski photographs. This would also have required the cutting of several true parabolic curves on a lathe.

Many had accused Adamski of photographing a lamp-shade.

He has a fine six-inch Newtonian reflector telescope. Over the eyepiece he fits a most primitive kind of camera, consisting merely of a box, a bulb-operated shutter and a slide at the back for plates. This camera fits directly over the eyepiece of the telescope which acts as its lens.

George Adamski’s Inside the Spaceships Artist’s Conceptions

Using this equipment I photographed a model Flying Saucer suspended at some distance. The results looked exactly like a model Flying Saucer suspended at some distance. They had gforge the big, wingless cigar-shaped ship when it came over Desert Center that morning. They had seen Adamski talking to another person who was dressed in a single garment of brownish hue.