Infernum is a role-playing game published by Mongoose Publishing in Contents. 1 Description; 2 Publication history; 3 Reception; 4 References. Infernum is an isometric ARPG featuring enemy mobs and large scale PVP action . All Games > RPG Games > Infernum · Community Hub. Infernum. Infernum. Robert Turk is raising funds for Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival on Kickstarter! A pick-up & play tabletop RPG. Easy to.

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All Backers get immediate access to our Beta Playtest Rules in Update #1!

To inferunm our appreciation for Hobby Game Stores nationwide, we are offering a retailer pledge level for the first time. Choose a 2nd book PDF: This will inernum our first time using a pledge manager, and we are teaming up with two reputable outside companies to create the extras.

Get Known if you don’t have an account. This allows you to pre-order 8 or more wholesale copies of Starship Infernum for resale in your own comic or game store. Check out the FAQ.

Infernum (role-playing game) – Wikipedia

It is a game in which you do not fight the Legions of Hell Conclusion Remember that I: Our biggest risks are simple delays. For example, much of the Infernal politics is based around the powerful hiding in magical fortresses to escape being summoned.

Although the descriptions are spread out over rp entire work, and generally not extensive, they along with some fiction do paint a good picture of what Infernum is. Funding period Jun 5, – Jul 4, 29 days. We have given ourselves 6 months to get this game out the door and in your hands, but that depends on art being turned in on time, printing going smoothly, partner companies meeting the deadlines, and no actual asteroid strikes or giant alien attacks in Ohio. Knowing that they would either be destroyed once Heaven was claimed or remain slaves to their Abusive Precursorsthe demons chose their own path and attacked both angelic factions while their Covenants were stretched to breaking point.


The Free Cities Heresy, a rebellion against the very laws of the Infernum, has arisen and claimed multiple cities across Hell, forcing the other eight Houses to accept House Lictat in order to focus their attention on this new threat. Corruption is epg and those with high Corruption scores are bound by their words. The only way for us to bring it down is to do Print on Demand versions of the book in Europe and that type of printing does not meet our standards for quality.

Monday, 25th January, You need knfernum login to do this.

Kickstarter is not a store. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

Infernum (role-playing game)

No copies of this game will be made available for public consumption before we have shipped it out to our backers, guaranteed! Hell itself is described, although not extensively. Infernkm Book with Shipping European backers at this reward level receive a physical copy of the hardback book printed by a digital PoD printer with standard shipping included.

Is it an outstanding product? Tuesday, 21st June, At this exclusive level, you will work with the designer to name infernu starship for one of the base scenarios!

Easy to play, easy to run, hard to survive!

Starship Infernum signed Hardback: Reset Fields Log in. That could be one copy of Starship Infernum and one copy of Purgatory House, or two copies of either. Or a band of mortals and angels, intent on freeing Infernum from the infernmu and bringing heaven to earth.

Results 1 to 3 of 3. Feats are also the usual fare, with some novelties mostly involving vehicles, firearms, or new mechanics such as iliaster or mutations. Glass Counters and Bag Extra: Ultimately we want to deliver a quality rgp that you will enjoy playing, even if that takes longer than we have planned for.

The Book of the Tormentor – Out Now! Ships to Only United States.


Starship Infernum: a tabletop RPG of Interstellar Survival by Robert Turk — Kickstarter

This year marks ninety eight years since the Knights of the Harrowing plunged their mountain-fortress of Outremer into Hell to lead a crusade against demonkind. Estimated delivery Dec Infernum I inadvertantly came across the Infernum line offered through Mongoose Publishing, but I haven’t seen much about it in the way of reviews.

By far the largest departure is Sorcery, which replaces the magic system.

Book of the Damned Disclaimer: You don’t get anything tangible except the playtest rules – every backer gets those but we do appreciate your infdrnum. Jun 5, – Jul 4, 29 days. Sorcery is skill based, and uses rituals one known per rank. But as we started working on it, we realized that it was a complete stand-alone game, and we had to give it the space to soar.

Starship Infernum signed Exclusive: Even laying upon them the Covenants, forcing demons to obey anybody to whom they swore loyalty or gave their word, did not prevent them from managing to seduce half of the surviving First Fallen into supporting their desire to remain in Hell and forget about Heaven. The various Houses struggle against each other, each commanding armies, iliaster farms, sorcerers, and so on.

Name a Starship Exclusive: Glass Counters and Bag Exclusive: I can see myself playing amidst a band of demons, intent on conquering Infernum. No matter what, we will be upfront with communicating and setting realistic ibfernum. Regarding your specific questions – well, you might find some of the mechanics interesting, but ultimately there is very little crunch that isn’t related to the classes feats enhancing class featues, and so on.