Page 7. Jadelle® provides a very high level of contraceptive efficacy for up to 5 years Mean serum levels of levonorgestrel (pg/ml) achieved with Jadelle®. See Tweets about #jadelle on Twitter. See what So how does #Jadelle work? Jadelle® .. Estoy en búsqueda de implante subdérmico #Jadelle o #implanon. Implante Anticonceptivo – Preguntas frecuentes acerca del implante anticonceptivo. Las preguntas de esta página cubren muchos de los aspectos que debes.

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Please read this leaflet carefully before taking this medicine. Do not pass it on to others.

Aqui les muestro el Implante JADELLE. Les espero . Llama y Haz tu cita

Yours, even if their symptoms jzdelle the same as yours. The implants are flexible cylinders in white or whitish, sealed, about 43 mm in length and 2,5 mm. Each package contains 2 implants for subcutaneous administration. Jadelle belongs to a group of drugs called systemic hormonal contraceptives. Its active ingredient is levonorgestrel.

Each implant contains 75 mg de levonorgestrel. Jaddlle excipients are colloidal anhydrous silica and silicone elastomer. Take special care with Jadelle: Jadelle can influence jadelpe factors. It may be appropriate to stop using these lenses, well for a while or permanently. There is also a slightly increased risk of gallstones formation of gallstones la. If you have processes that can be exacerbated by such tax, Jadelle use should be valued and their status should be carefully monitored during use.

If diagnosed with idiopathic intracranial hypertension of unknown causeyour doctor will remove the implants. Breakthrough bleeding have been reported between two rules Irregular and prolonged, Spotting and amenorrhea absence javelle menstruation.

Overall, these disorders resolve with continued use of implants. If confirmed, shall proceed to remove hadelle implants. Their presence should be discarded in case of pain in the lower abdomen or positive pregnancy test. In most women these large follicles disappear spontaneously. However, in rare cases can cause abdominal pain. In these cases, conservative treatment is indicated, but should be ruled out ectopic pregnancy.

In case of occurrence of vaginal bleeding of unknown cause should see their doctor to take appropriate measures. If you become pregnant during treatment with Jadelle, should remove implants. Levonorgestrel passes into breast milk, but in an amount not seem to affect child.

However, hadelle warn nursing mothers not to use Jadelle begin until the expiration of six weeks after delivery.

Using Jadelle implants will not affect your ability to drive implwnte operate machinery. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines including medicines obtained without a prescription. John’s Implant Hypericum perforatum. This effect may persist at least two weeks after stopping treatment with St John’s Wort.

Por tanto, may be necessary to use a different contraceptive method for the duration of these treatments and even some time after. Jadelle implants may be removed at any time if desired.

After cleaning and anesthetizing the insertion site, your doctor will place the implants under the skin Jadelle. It should help dry the area of insertion for 3 days also after quitdayslos.

The bandage impplante be removed as soon as the incision has healed, normally within days. To continue using this method, You can insert a new set of Jadelle implants after removal of previous implants, through the same incision. When the implants have been removed, pregnancy can occur at any time.

For more detailed information on the procedure of inserting and withdrawing see paragraph 6 “Information of interest to the physician performing the insertion”. Possible adverse effects Like all medicines, Jadelle can have side jaeelle. In clinical trials in Jadelle have been reported following adverse reactions:.

The implant removed must be replaced by a new sterile implant. Have been reported rare cases of cholestatic hepatitis, jaundice, bilirrubinemia increased level of bilirubin. If you notice any other effects not listed in this leaflet, check with your doctor or pharmacist. No special storage conditions required.

This leaflet was approved in July Manufacturer Schering Oy Pansiontie I first had the Norplan for three years a success but yet I really gained too much weight, I have 5 Jadell months and I have three months without my period, I have nerves of being pregnant sometimes not be normal if, but my belly if a bit bulky.


I do not want to go to medic. I thought about removing it but I would like to make my last jadwlle with something you can control at least the period. I can not stand massss…. Take vitamin C and eat anything containing this vitamin, like carrots, Vitamin c in tablets, etc.

And the changes humosr, they try to control yourself, clearly understood that a change is caused by a hormonal contraceptive. Happens to me as well with my mood swings, but I have learned to better manage, like reading something of interest or just chatting with friends on the subject.

I look tambn and had the same inconvenient but e could control it with pills, ps the q’m taking diane Estoy usando jadell y tengo sangrados de 21 dias luego no sangro 3 y se repite hace 3 mese que los tengoo, y presento dolores de cabeza fuertes, todo me molesta, me duele el vientre, mareos y varices. Hi I have the implant for 2 year y 8 months and have not made my period regulated, I now present continuous bleeding and I could not go to the gynecologist, I say that I can assess bleeding and I have 2 months that I was not removed I can do?????

Hi I got the implant when he was 27years despite continued migraines with cash so it seemed but to go to medical revicion took me about ovarian cysts, the typical “fibroids” obviating this by passing 5 years I decided to put them back and now past 4 years and decided to remove them because the migraines were becoming more constant fibroids have grown and in the path of 9 years and increased 20kilos, I recommend you take them out if the cysts persist.

Hello leydy, It is completely normal, I have a friend who used the implant and leads 1 year without menstruation, her mother is a gynecologist so it says are normal effects.

My case is the opposite, I period comes twice a month and is super annoying. If you want to be safer see the gynecologist and make you a sonogram to make sure you’re okay. I’m thinking of using the Jadelle but reading all the comments I’m afraid. Before that I was planning to Jasmin and I had no negative effect.

Watch the guard is an implant Jadelle,nunka and known anyone who gets pregnant cone l,epro if you kosas malitas as are,tamb ami gave me headaches and a wild period sde despue removed 5 months still in smismas. Stella to me gave me was the same pregnancy symptoms at times but I think it’s normal because hormones are finally. I feel the same and I have fear of being pregnant. I wave my will esplicaron me first I did tests to see if I ponian that or it according to your metabolism works that sometimes slimline enflaqueses mentruacion is till a year or a month will not get sick the other if they never dijieron me that I will aq fall The hair.

We puse el lo tengo Jadelli 20 August Normal early days a year I did not get sick the next year a month I efermaba another month and not that I have orita horn 3 years I am in the same and gained weight I was very thin, and now fat and truth no m ccording when it lasts till this when you should take it off. Dan huwa Derek Self Self Company.

Contraceptive implant

I hope your answer. I have wave rock of years and have two Yadel want to know if that gives desperately urgent ormigues pain in the body cabesa Rebuelta naucias leg pain that I have bad mui please answer me fast.

Hi I have two and half years with the apparatus could Jadell quedear asked whether pregnant after having had it so long and have endured headaches and the rest of the consecuensias hope your reply soon thanks. Hola, q apologize if someone can help me, ago 10 months I did the implant and since that time my period comes not tell me that I do not come standard q?

I just d hablo of a doctor or 3 months late but I have been 10 months. Hi I have a pregnancy 4 months and I can help that causes or may cause damage to the baby would help me co Jadelle this concern by.


I want to know if it is possible to recover my normal weight, I have for a year and I have lost Jadelle 8 kilos,, plus I have a period that is interrupted,, one jzdelle bleed and no other,, and another one week if not,, I’m tired do not q…. I 7 years and four months of using Jadelle of course when I was a little more 5 months to have me change it now took two years jadelel four months so it’s a total of almost 8 years of having it has not given me any symptoms I lower my average to good meustracion my weight is normal or raised or lowered so that there is nothing wrong or encontras conosco This method has turned out very good so if I say is that the longer.

I already am going to meet 4 years I wonder if the day I take jadeple away that day Jaelle put another game? I have 1 days with impalnte but the truth and I sacarmelos with everything I’ve read … I hope nothing happens, According to Dr the method is excellent but the reality was reading embodied in this forum… At the first sign I take it off!!

I’m about two months with Jadelle I want to lose weight and I do not care if I get other side effects … I esq side effects such as two or even three weeks with the rule residues. Hi I have been a year and nine months in yadell and my period is 30 present day cramps and back pain is time to remove or normal evening.

Jadelle ® 75mg » Hormonal contraceptives – Leaflet

I want to know if this is normal Thank impante very much. HELLO It took four months of having implanted the Yadel, and since that time I have not received the period, presented as nausea jadellf temper exaggerated and do not tolerate anyone direct me the word, is implannte normal or something piede be controlled.

Your symptoms are normal. Menstruation can impoante adjusted to the passage of a 6 months, menstruation sometimes does not return, this is called amenorrheareally not bad for the body. Simply because implanhe the hormonal change that prevents the change process of menstruation, flows can submit or spots appear month after month, like normal menstruation. And for mood swings, I advise you to try to understand more clearly that this change is due to the change Humor hormonal so strong that presents the Jadelle, which go intolerance, hypersensitivity etc.

I hope not only have more symptoms that I’ve read has me terrified. I’m desperate please help me with this. I use the implant a few months and I wonder if I can pull out when I want and bleed constantly and wonder if normal. Excite many changes that your body can jadellr due to contraceptive. Actually there are many contraindications that gives medical planning before insertion Jadelle, but it is very good indeed, helps you plan your life.

It importare make a good decision against this implant. I have it and is effective, pe only thing happened after jadelel is I have no menstruation, but small patches for a week or so each month. Hello Jadelle makes use 3 the years I’ve tried to have removed but could only retire one is doing 1 week I had sex with my boyfriend was my development within Remember that I have 1 implant even I wonder what I have chances of pregnancy??

I have really scared please help…. The device is quite effective, And I have not any hassle A exeption of headaches in certain occasions.

Jadelle ® 75mg

Hola, Year and a half I’ve been really, speaking uploaded 10 pounds, and libido disappeared. Hi I have a year with Yadel and presented a few months ago that jadwlle lot of bleeding and I can not have sex for that problem. I have the jjadel ago 5 months and menstruation was normal until reaching 4 month but does 1 months and I do not get my last intercourse was done 2 months there is possibility of pregnancy?