View and Download Hioki instruction manual online. DIGITAL M? HiTESTER. Test Equipment pdf manual download. Hioki Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Hioki Instruction Manual. Hioki Digital M-Ohm HiTester, Hioki – on Sale at the Test Equipment Depot. Slow: less than seconds (at manual ranging). Sampling rates, Fast: .

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Input Signal Connection Example Testing With Switched Probe Hkoki for FAIL judgment. Test duration is 10 seconds. Pack jioki product carefully so that it will not be damaged during shipment, and include a detailed written description of the problem.

Don’t have an account? Using Handle See 2. After maximum data assigned number is reached, it starts from number 1 again. Powering On and Off the Unit See 2. Auto range may require some time before measurement value is displayed because range has to shift immediately after testing starts.

Using the product under such conditions could result in electrocution.

Hioki Digital M-Ohm HiTester, Hioki – at the Test Equipment Depot

The Insulation Tester ST delivers the fastest insulation resistance testing in the industry, meeting all the requirements of production lines thanks to rapid takt times. Connecting Cord And Probes, Page Executing this command during testing hooki in execute error. When test hilki canceled in the middle of measurement by STOP key, etc. Setting test voltage See 3. Setting Test Voltage Different ways can be used to start and to end testing. Factory setting is set to SLOW.



msnual Quickly discharge residual voltage The post-test residual voltage discharge time has been reduced significantly compared with legacy models. Maintenance And Inspection Hloki eliminate time for decimal point to move, switch resistance range to manual range.

All responses returned from the are in upper case letters. Chapter 8 Specifications Sampling rate is set with FAST. Printing Example After maximum data assigned number is reached, it starts from number 1 again. Seminar Schedule No results were found. These are defined as follows. Do not start the test simply by confirming the voltage display lamp, as unexpected voltage may be generated.

This is usually the maximum value of the currently selected range.

Setting Judgment Beep Sound Test voltage Discharge time Approx. When resistance above lower bioki measurement resistance is measured, voltage between measurement terminals becomes 1 to 1.

Key Lock Function Page Queries measurement value and judgment result. DELay Sets delay time. Table of contents Table Of Contents Controlling From Personal Computer Connecting Cord And Probes, 2. manhal


Hioki 3154 Manuals

Page See 7. The Hioki electrical safety testers are designed for insulation resistance and voltage withstand testing of electrical devices and components according to various safety standards.

When disconnecting from thedisconnect test probe first and signal lead last. While charging capacitance, time is required for applied voltage to reach test voltage standard value.

Error Specifies what types of error may occur. Setting Analog Output Recommended Single strand wire 0.

Connecting Cord and Probes See 2. Setting Lower Limit Value