Federal authorities accuse Mr. Hastert, an Illinois Republican who was speaker of the House of Representatives and is now a Washington. John Dennis Hastert is a former American politician who served as the 51st Speaker of the United States House of Representatives. Amy Davidson on the indictment against Dennis Hastert, and the questions raised by its allegations.

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The federally funded benefits were legally required to be completely separate from Hastert’s simultaneous lobbying activities for Dickstein Shapiro.

Sixty letters asking for leniency for Hastert were submitted to the court ahead of sentencing, but nineteen of these letters were withdrawn indicmtent Judge Durkin said that he would not consider any letters that were not made public. InHastert announced he would support an Armenian Genocide resolution. Hastert ProfileMayer Brown.

indictmfnt Soon after sentencing, the Illinois Teachers’ Retirement System announced that Hastert would forfeit future teachers’ pension benefits, effective immediately, due to a state law depriving pension benefits from educators who are convicted of felonies relating to their employment. The criminal defense attorney Barry William Levine, a partner at Hastert’s former firm of Dickstein Shapiro, appeared as Hastert’s lawyer on a notice of arraignment filed with the U.

According to the Wall Street Journala judge has not been assigned to the case and there is no date set for Hastert to appear in court.

Dennis Hastert

Jolene said that Hastert “damaged Steve I think more than any of us will ever know. He left office in November of that year, landing a job at a prestigious Washington lobbying firm, a post he resigned from on Thursday after his indictment.

On June 16, Judge Durkin granted the motion for a protective order, [] [] but did not yet sign an order.


Ryan described Hastert as an effective legislator.

On May 29,White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest stated in response to a reporter’s question that “there is nobody here” at the White House “who derives any pleasure from reading about the former Speaker’s legal troubles at this point.

Addressing the court, Hastert—who had arrived at court in a wheelchair—read from a written statement, apologizing for having “mistreated athletes. Hastert later managed DeLay’s successful campaign to become whip.

Speaker claims letters pitching finance bill were intimidatingAssociated Press July 1, In OctoberHastert entered into a plea agreement with prosecutors.

On October 27,Hastert became the first Speaker to author a blog. Hastert served three terms in the state House. Officials begin removing reminders of former speaker of the HouseKane County Chronicle November 9, Hastert was initially represented in the civil case by his son, attorney Ethan Hastert, and then by Christian Poland, a Bryan Cave partner in Chicago. Zalewski voted to terminate the pension, while State Representative David Harris voted against termination, saying that he preferred reducing the pension instead, as recommended by the state Attorney General’s Office.

The House is a very partisan institution, with rules structured to give even tiny majorities enormous leverage.

Hastert Indictment

ABC News reported that “for years, Jolene watched helplessly as Hastert basked in fame and power, seated to the left of the president for years in the early s for the nationally-televised State of the Union address. While the FBI later was forced to return the material it seized, Jefferson eventually ended up in prison anyway. The firm announced on Thursday the former Congressman had resigned in the wake of the indictment.

The New York Times. Hastert rose through the Republican ranks in the House, becoming chief deputy whip and eventually Speaker in Hastert was a Boy Scout volunteer with Explorer Post of Yorkville for 17 years, during his time as a schoolteacher and coach.


At the high school, Hastert taught history and coached the high school wrestling team. Davis served two terms as chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee under Hastert and sat at the leadership table with him for four years.

Dennis Hastert – Wikipedia

Livingston stepped down from the speakership in amid threats that details of his own affairs would be brought to light. Hastert was then reelected in his Fox Valley -centered district several times, by wider margins, aided by his role in redistricting following the Census. Bush administration ‘s foreign and domestic policies. Hastert said in court: This is the future. Foley resigned just weeks before the elections after being confronted with a series of inappropriate text messages between himself and young male pages.

DoolittleDavid DreierThomas W. He was first elected to the United States House of Representatives inand re-elected every subsequent election until he retired in A Hastert spokesman stated iindictment the two offices were completely separate. idnictment

Everything We Do and Don’t Know About the Hastert Indictment

In return for their support on Iraq, Bush gave lawmakers a free hand on federal spending. Dennis Hastert Center for Economics, Government and Public Policy at Wheaton College, which was launched in after Hastert donated his congressional papers to the school.

As speaker, Hastert also oversaw the passage of the No Child Left Behind Act ofa major education bill; the Bush tax cuts in and legislation ; and the Homeland Security Act ofwhich reorganized the government and created the Department of Homeland Security.