Got a Hegemonia: Legions of Iron walkthrough, FAQ or Guide? Use the submission form, or email them as attachments to [email protected] FAQs/ Guides. Neoseeker. Hegemonia: Legions of Iron (PC). Hegemonia: Legions of Iron Mission Walkthrough (PDF) – Terry Chatenet. would you recommend this guide? yes. Hegemonia – Legions of Iron Submitted by Hegemonia First off: First off, the official Hegemonia website offers a pretty useful, free, walkthrough guide in.

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Haegemonia Walkthrough 1 : Earth Campaign

Ep5 – M1 5. The campaign then enters the “high” point of the Earth-Mars War. Simply destroy all the Kariak ships, and capture all their planets. Sakuzo will radio in telling you that Alpha is under attack, so finish off the Kariak in Beta and move on to Alpha.

Once you enter Alpha, you’ll be treated to a cutscene, and then have to fight the Kariak forces. The mining base will start travelling and will deploy on the asteroid. It wasn’t long, however, before the situation changed. Episode 1 – Mission 3: See the section in strategies on capturing planets for more info.

These consist of some fighter squads and two indestructible battle bases.

After it’s deployed, you’ll get some messages about the stations weapon problems, so you’ll be stuck defending it for a while. I rarely use this, so as always send me any tips for it.

Gets cash, but lowers moral a lot. After they’re destroyed, you’ll finish the mission. Legions of Iron it: Probe Number per squad: Have your spy ‘Get system military info’ for each of those systems to complete the mission. If you didn’t use the ship that Kuchera is in Shadowthen reassign him to whatever ship you did use.


For good overview of the battle, the game includes the Starmap default: After all Kariak ships in the system have been destroyed, the mission will end. Actually, I prefer automated factories to improving moral–it’s much faster.

First off, the official Hegemonia website offers a pretty useful, free, walkthrough guide in PDF format. It’s just like the 4th of July!

Haegemonia: Legions of Iron

By right-clicking on it and selecting ‘Deploy’? Research corvette and all proton weapons, destroy 2 mining bases in asteroid belt. Mining Base Number per squad: If the kariaks detect you they’ll send a lot of ships to take over your planet before focusing on your legons, so you’ll have to fight back. As soon as you can, do some research and get rid of these.

Money obviously isn’t a problem. Episode 1 – Mission 5 9.

Continue through the Shunsao System to the Corio System with your spies. Send a Colonization ship to the last system and deploy it there. Since they fly in squads of two, they’re actually pretty strong. The first Act the player has to escort a research vessel to the sun.

There are two, and they have blinking red around them.

Steam Community :: Haegemonia: Legions of Iron

After they’re destroyed, it’s back to the boring stuff. Once the outcome of the war is decided, be it Earth or Mars, humanity unites under the new Unified Lfgions and forms the Legions of Iron, its vanguard of expansion into the unknown.

Don’t have an account? Simply takes an amount of credits from an enemy empire, and adds it to yours.


He will also give you a Kariak research project it’s in Ship Tech. That was quick wasn’t it? A cut scene will run and the best thing to do is to return the squad you sent to Io to repair it.

Hegemonia: Legions of Iron FAQ/Walkthrough for PC by Asdfga3 – GameFAQs

Still the Darzok pushed on, forcing a split within the Kariak Empire, where a rogue general attempted to aid his race’s enemies in exchange for the promise of regency of the Kariak. Episode 4 – Mission 4: The Darzok suddenly appeared at the close of the Human-Kariak war, claiming to be on a mission of peace and exploration they managed to decipher English fairly quickly.

Episode 1 – Mission 1: I’ll gladly add it if I think it’s good enough. Who is coming up with this?! Have the corvettes you walktheough near Titania intercept him. Panola and Yarbo are very well defended, and the Kariak government is in shambles. Practically unlimited power, but they’ll need the experience points first. Jump from that system to the next one, and make your way around the black hole to the next wormhole.

It’s bigger walthrough what they had in Beta, but it’s still not that big. Causes ships in active duty i. Now, have a spy ship commanded by Emil Kuchera go to each planet of the system to scan it automatically.