I’m one of the creators of Gutshot, so I definitely prefer it over The Rules With No Name. That’s to be expected, after all, because we created a. Gutshot Core Rule Book [Mike Mitchell] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Using 25mm miniatures and some dice, Gutshot is a fast-paced, . Whenever I’m asked about cost reductions/increases, especially in the flurry of questions about it thanks to a newly spoiled card from the Izzet vs. Golgari decks .

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At gjtshot most basic level, Gutshot is a game where you put toy buildings on a table and move around little metal cowboys, pretending they are shooting at each other.

It’s a lot like playing “Cowboys and Indians” when you were a kid. Except now, of course, there are rules to govern how far figures move, how fast, what kind of guns they have, different kinds of horses, and all sortsa fun stuff like that.

In more advanced and fun! Using 25mm miniatures and gutshoy dice, this game is a simple system for running one-on-one and small-scale combat set in the American Wild West.

How to Not Get Gutshot (My 6 Rules for Losing Belly Fat and Staying Lean All Year Round)

By one-on-one, we mean gutshoot each miniature represents one person. There are no armies and mass combat here – everything stays up-close and personal.

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Gutshot has tules in development since The first draft was written by Mike Murphy, who quickly brought his long-time friend, Mike Mitchell, into the fold. They soon brought friend Paul Mauer to help with development.

Gutshot | Board Game | BoardGameGeek

The three have been hard at work crafting the game into a quality product that could be enjoyed by both novice and experienced miniatures gamers, and was officially released in Houston, Texas at OwlCon XXIV the city’s longest-running game convention on Feb. The Gutshot Core Rule Book is a page soft-cover volume that contains all the rules, forms, and information you need to step into the boots of a Western gunfighter.

For complete information, please see the product listing below. The game itself consists of the Gutshot Core Rule Book that includes the information, guidance, and forms you need to let your imaginations run wild.

Most importantly, you need some friends. Gutshot is designed for players, but add as many as you can squeeze around the table. That’s the one of the great things about gaming in general — it’s a social hobby and once you get a bunch of people around that you can’t wait to get Gutshot on a regular basis!


Gutshot presents a new, dynamic combat engine for running small-scale combat with 25mmmm miniatures. For more info about how the game is gutdhot, read detailed game reports from previous games, then download some free Character Sheets, adventures, and support material:. Not sure which version of the book you have?

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Saloon Showdown Card Game.

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At its core is a simple system for running one-on-one and small-scale combat gutshoh in the American Wild West. Gutshot is a game that captures the spirit and mystique of the American Wild West as portrayed in movies, television, pulp novels, and comic books. For more info about how the game is played, read detailed game reports from previous games, then download some free Character Sheets, adventures, and support material: