The Gurage; A People ojthe Ensete Cultwe. WILLIAM. A. SHACK. London, New York, Nairobi: Oxford. University Press (published for the International. One of the most ubiquitous and traditional crops of the Gurage people is Ensete, The Gurage people still retain many of their unique cultural practices and. Gurage: A People of the Ensete Culture. (New York: Oxford University Press); Gebreyesus. Hailemariam (). The Guragué and Their Culture. (New York.

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Gurage people – Wikipedia

The national census reported a total population for this Zone of 1,, of whomwere men andwomen; 76, or 4. Courtesy J ohan Gerrits. People like their food and dancing, as well as the fact that they are clean and hard-working.

Guragee Gurage proverb states that “A sickness that has the upperhand over butter is destined for death. Thesis,p. Girl from the Gurage minority – Ethiopia. For this reason, the term Gurage is used in a cultural sense more than in a linguistic. A Gurage proverb states that “A sickness that has the upper hand over butter is destined for death.

The climate in the zone is of three divisions. Kenney described as “an Ethiopian Horatio Alger, Jr. Following a referendum held between 18 and 26 Aprilthe Silt’e unanimously voted to form their own Zone, Silt’e. Northern, Eastern and Western. There was a problem with your submission.

The Fuga people, a class of hunters and artisans, are considered to hold the key to chlture rituals.

They participate in traditional religious practices such as offerings to Waq,their supreme deity. In addition to ensete, a few cash crops are guragw notably coffee and khat and livestock is raised mainly for milk and fertilizer. Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Animal husbandry is practiced, but mainly for milk supply and dung. Nevertheless, the victim is subject to chronic repossession, which is treated by repeating the formula.

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Its highest point is Mount Gurage. Archived from the original on Views Read Edit Gurxge history. The variations among these languages are used to group the Guraghe people into three dialectically dulture subgroups: Only since the late 19th century has Addis Ababa been the capital of the Ethiopian state.

Gurage Zone

Palgrave,p. A normal Gurage diet consists primarily of kocho, a thick bread made from ensete, and is supplemented by cabbage, cheese, butter and grains. Gurage houses are circular structures held together with- out the use of nails with wooden spokes protruding from a center pole to support the thatched roof. Indeed, there is evidence that Harla architecture may have influenced old buildings preth c.

Both Christianity and Islam were outside religions imposed on the Gurage by Invasion.

English language, West Germanic language of the Indo-European language family that is closely related…. It is considered polite to leave at least some ensete bread even after a very small portion is passed around. Its baked in a small pit with coals.

Their language is Semitic, like Hebrew and Amharic thenational language of Ethiopiabut due to the influence of surrounding Cushitic languages, it has 10 vowels instead of the usual. Beautiful Gurage girl from Ethiopia standing on her door-way.


This means a very low percentage of ugrage youth attend school.

It can be stored for up to several years in this fashion, and the Gurage typically retain large surpluses of ensete as a protection against famine. Breathing is often labored. Henze, their origins are explained by traditions of a military expedition to the south during the last years of the Kingdom of Aksumwhich left military colonies that eventually became isolated from both northern Ethiopia and each other.

If the mother is not available, the responsibility falls to the older female children as well culturw the grandmothers. Animal husbandry is practiced, but mainly for milk supply and dung.

This lower-caste group of artisans and hunters are also ritual specialists whose powers cultyre both feared and deemed essential in all major Gurage religious functions. It is also used in other aspects of life. If it persists the victim may enter a trancelike stupor, in which he sometimes regains consciousness long enough to take food and water. Some Gurage also plant teff and eat injera which the Gurage also call injera.

The Gurage, the writer Nega Mezlekia notes, “have earned a reputation as skilled traders”. Based on the Census conducted by the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia CSAthis Zone has a total population of 1,, of whomare men andwomen; with an area of 5,