Main Author: Montano, Gloria E. Format: Book. Language: Spanish. Published: Tegucigalpa, Honduras Guaymuras Edition: 3a. ed. Subjects. Similar Items. Geometría elemental by: Hemmerling, Edwin M Published: (); Geometría elemental by: Montano, Gloria E. Published: (); Geometría. Mercedes Grey, UNAH VS, Ingeniería Mecánica Department, Faculty Member. Studies Ingeniería en Electrónica y Telecomunicaciones.

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The radioactive beam facility ALTO. In addition the recent success in operating the selective laser ion source broadens the physics program with neutron-rich nuclear beams possible at this facility installed at IPN Orsay.

Busca de estruturas em grandes escalas eelmental altos redshifts. Alto is an infrastructure for montao nuclear physics glotia France that comprises nontano an on-line isotope-separation facility based on the photofission of uranium and a stable-ion beam facility based on a It is dimensioned for fissions per second. The facility thereby offers the opportunity to deliver beams to a large range of physics programmes from nuclear to interdisciplinary physics.

In this article, we present the Alto facility as well as some of the highlights and prospects of the experimental programme. The Calar Alto Observatory, located at m height above the sea level in continental Europe, holds a significant number of astronomical telescopes and experiments, covering a large range of the electromagnetic domain, from gamma-ray to near-infrared.

It is a very well characterized site, with glorla logistics. Its main telescopes includes a large suite of instruments. We are also planning a new operational scheme in order to optimize the observatory resources. To achieve this goal the design was simplified at maximum, removing all possible movable components, the central wavelength is fixed, as is the wavelength coverage; there is no filter wheel, etc. Particular care was taken with the thermal and mechanical stability.

Gloria Montano | Personensuche – Kontakt, Bilder, Profile & mehr!

The instrument is fully operational and publically accessible at the 2. In this article we describe i the design, summarizing its manufacturing phase; ii characterize the main properties of the instrument; iii describe the reduction pipeline; elejental iv show the results from the first light and gekmetria runs.

The preliminar results indicate that the instrument fulfills the specifications and can achieve the planned goals. The instrument is a wonderful mobtano for exoplanetary research by studying large samples of possible systems cotaining massive planetsgalactic dynamics highly precise radial velocities in moving groups or stellar associationsor astrochemistry.

Clark, an architect in Palo AltoCalif. Townley, well known for his compilation, with Maxwell W. Allen, of earthquakes along the Pacific coast from to Quasi-simultaneous mnotano in the visible wavelength range of 5 TNOs did not reveal any spectral signature apart from the spetral gradients which are in agreement with the broadband colours.

JHK filter photometry of 3 objects indicates that the reddening may only occur in the near-IR at least in some cases. The photometry and spectroscopy in the visible revealed solar colours, no reddening and no spectral features. V-R colour changes over the rotation phase are not found. This works is done in colaboration with:. Alopecia areata AA is an autoimmune disease characterized by non-scarring hair loss.

The lack of a definitive biomarker or formal diagnostic criteria for AA limits our ability to define the epidemiology of the disease. The ALTO is a novel, self-administered questionnaire consisting of 8 closed-ended questions derived by the Delphi method. This prospective pilot study was administered during a 1-year period in outpatient dermatology elementao.

Geometria y trigonometria gloria montano pdf

Eligible patients 18 years or older with chief concern of hair loss were recruited consecutively. No patients declined to participate. The patient’s hair loss diagnosis was determined by a board-certified dermatologist. Algorithm 5 demonstrated the highest sensitivity Select questions were also effective in clarifying disease phenotype. Pollution in coastal fog at Alto Patache, Northern Chile.

The Atacama Desert in Northern Chile is one of the most arid places on earth.

However, fog occurs regularly at the coastal mountain range and can be collected at different sites in Chile to supply settlements at the coast with freshwater. For this pilot study, we collected fog water samples in July and August for chemical analysis to find indications for its suitability for domestic use. Fog water samples were taken with a cylindrical scientific fog collector and from the net and the storage tank of a Large Fog Collector LFC. The pHs of advective fog, originating from the stratus cloud deck over the Eastern Pacific, varied between 2.


Orographic fog, which was formed locally, exhibited a pH of 2. High percentages of sulfate and very high enrichment factors versus sea salt of heavy metals were found. Both backward trajectories and the enrichment factors indicate that the high concentrations of ions and heavy metals in fog were influenced by anthropogenic activities along the Chilean Pacific Coast such as power plants, mining, and steel industry.

We found no direct indication for the importance of other sources such as the emission of dimethyl sulfide from the ocean and subsequent atmospheric oxidation for acidity and sulfate or soil erosion for heavy metal concentrations.

When fog water was collected by the LFC, it apparently picked up large amounts of dry deposition which accumulated on the nets during fog-free periods. This material is rinsed off the collector shortly after the onset of a fog event with the water collected first. During the first flush, some concentrations of acidity, nitrate, As, and Se, largely exceeded the Chilean drinking water limits. Before any use of fog water for domestic purpose, its quality should be checked on a regular basis.

Strategies to mitigate fog water pollution are given. Calar Alto Fiber-fed Echelle spectrograph. The instrument comprised a substantial fraction of thetelescope time during its operational life-time, and it is due to that it wastaken the decision to build a replacement.

However, significantimprovements have been introduced in the original design, the quality of thematerials, and the overall stability of the system.

It is expected that the overallefficiency and the quality of the data will be significantly improved withrespect to its precesor. After two years of work all the components are in place. The instrument is nowfinally assembled, and we are performing the the first alignment tests.

It isexpected that the commissioning on the laboratory will finish at the end of, followed by the commissioning on telescope along the first semester of If everything goes well, we will offer the instrument in a shared. Schooling and Critical Citizenship: This article explores the formation of citizenship as social practice in a school in El AltoBolivia.

alto por enano: Topics by

I examine interactions between “banking” forms of education, students’ responses, and embodied practices of belonging and political agency, and argue that the seemingly passive forms of knowledge transmission so criticized by critical….

Second public data release. The sample covers a redshift range between 0. All the cubes in the data release were reduced with the latest pipeline, which includes improvedspectrophotometric calibration, spatial registration, and spatial resolution. In total, the second data release contains over 1.

The second data release is available at http: Characterization of tabique walls elemenyal of the Alto Douro Wine Region. Tabique is one of the main Portuguese traditional building techniques which use raw materials as stone, earth andwood.

In general, a tabique building component as a wall consist of a wooden structure made up of vertical boards connected to laths by metal nails and covered on both sides by an earth based material. Furthermore, previous research works have shown that the existing tabique construction, in this region, reveals a certain lack of maintenance partially justified by the knowledge loosed on that technique, consequently this construction technique present an gloriw stage of deterioration.

This aspect associated to the fact that there is still a lack of scientific studies in this field motivated glorla writing of this paper, the main objectives are to identify and characterize the nails used in the timber connections. The nails samples were collected from tabique walls included in tabique buildings located in LamegoMunicipality, near Douro River, in the Alto Douro Geometra Region.


This work also intends to give guidelines to the rehabilitation and preservation of this important legacy. To estimate the level of fluoride exposure and human health risks in Los Altos de Jalisco Jalisco State Heights region. This study glria conducted between May and July The fluoride concentrations of water wells and six tap water samples were electrochemically measured. Exposure doses to fluoride and total intake of fluoride were estimated for babies 10 kgchildren 20 kgand adults 70 kg.

The fluoride concentration of the water samples ranged from 0.

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The estimated values of the exposure doses to fluoride and total intake of fluoride were in the range glorua 0. Dental fluorosis, skeletal fluorosis, and bone fractures are some of the potential health risks due to the intake of high doses of fluoride for the population of Los Altos de Jalisco. In order to reduce health risks, fluoridated salt,fluoridated toothpastes, and drinking water containing more than 0.

The storage plan provides criteria for portable exhauster storage, periodic inspections during storage, and retrieval from storage. Given the importance of local markets as a source of medicinal plants for both healers and the population, literature on market flows and the value of the plant material traded is rather scarce.

This stands in contrast to wealth of available information for other components of Bolivian ethnobotany. The present study attempts to remedy this situation by providing a detailed inventory of medicinal plant markets in the La Paz-El Alto metropolitan area, hypothesizing that both species composition, and medicinal applications, have changed considerably over time.

The results of the present study were then compared to previous inventories of medicinal plants in La Paz and El Alto studies to elucidate changes over time and impact of interview montqno. In this study we encountered plant species belonging to genera and 58 families.

In addition, 17 species could not be identified. This species richness is considerably higher than that reported in previous studiesspecies of 55 families;94 identified species. While the overall distribution of illness categories is in line with older reports the number of species used per application, as well as the applications per species, were much higher in the present study.

Overall, informant consensus was relatively low, which might be explained by the large number of new species that have entered the local pharmacopoeia in the last decade, although some species might simply have been missed by previous studies. In course of the present study it became apparent that even well known species might often be replaced by other apparently similar but botanically unrelated species due to.

Land abandonment in Mediterranean regions has brought about a number of management problems, being an increased wildfire activity prevalent among them. Agricultural neglect in highlands resulted in reduced anthropogenic disturbances and greater landscape homogeneity in areas such as the Alto Mijares in Spain. It is widely accepted that processes like forest fires, influence structure of the landscape and vice versa.

Fire-prone Mediterranean flora is well adapted to this disturbance, exhibiting excellent succession capabilities; but higher fuel loads and homogeneous conditions may ally to promote vegetation recession when the fire regime is altered by land abandonment. Both succession and recession make changes to the landscape structure and configuration. However, these changes are difficult to quantify and characterize.

If landscape restoration of these forests is a management objective, then developing a quantitative knowledge base for landscape fuel dynamics is a prerequisite.

Four classified LandsatTM satellite images were compared to quantify changes in landscape structure between and