GEDCOM Standard + Two Errata Sheet (10 January ; 22 years ago ( )). Type of format, Genealogy data exchange. Standard · De facto. Website, GEDCOM (/ˈdʒɛdkɒm/ JED-kom) (an acronym standing for Genealogical Data. A tag tree of the the GEDCOM grammar is also available. Go to the GEDCOM tag usage version of the tree to see actual (mis)use of GEDCOM tags by. The following GEDCOM specifications are provided as a reference. GEDCOM is no longer maintained. Current resources are GEDCOM Download.

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Authors of genealogy programs Ages! To improve the readability lines are inserted.

This should and will not be performed at real Gedcom-output. We introduce tag ASSO with the gescom intended effect as it has in the context with an individual record. It concanates a marriage record with person records from the data base, e.


Gedcom 5.5EL

To distinguish between events “marriage ceremony in a registry office” and “marriage ceremony in a church” we extend the existing GEDCOM 5. Existing form of name records, framing last name with slashes is unsatisfying.

Lost of information about the remaining name structure is evident. But we allow now to split names in seperate parts, each in an own GIVN tag. GIVN tags are an ordered!

In addition to that we allow to add under a 2 GIVN tag a 3 TYPE tag to store the type of this name part, particularly to mark the first namethat often is not the first name in the name order.

Identifier for a location with the intention of an administrative authority, e. Here remains some work to define TYPE tags, e. Data format depends on TYPE: Describes the type of a relation of a location to the hierarchically next higher area unit.

GEDCOM grammar » Genealogie Online

This can be the affiliation of communities to a conglomerat or the affiliation of the catholic community to a diocese.


Here, for example, you can store the fact, that this location was founded by the Huguenots. To this time we have:. Political, religious, geographical, cultural affiliation of a location to the hierarchically next higher area unit.

GEDCOM – Wikipedia

Name of geecom location in common linguistic usage, e. If a familiy was located only in Hesse state of Germany where Frankfurt am Main is located the official add-on “am Main” at river Main is usually missed.

Add-on to describe the location exactly, e. Is there any similar identifier for churches? To this time we have: Retrieved from ” http: Views Page Discussion View source History.

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