John Frawley – The Real Astrology OCR – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. A leading traditional astrologer, John Frawley. Consultations, natal and horary tuition, lectures to download, articles, free magazines, and much more!. Not only in the structures by which it seeks to comprehend the universe, but also in the structures of the science itself, astrology is remorselessly hierarchical.

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A planet in its own face is likened to a man in the porch of his house before being thrown out into the street. Most axtrology, for all that they must be applied with subtlety of understanding, these techniques are fixed. To be cazimi a planet must be in the same sign as the Sun.

This means that the querent usually frawleu two significators: The person or thing asked about is the quesited. Be careful to avoid dragging them into judgement unnecessarily.

Fawley is also stronger if it is increasing in light moving from new to full Moon than if it is decreasing in light moving from full to new.

These natural rulers will sometimes offer information supplementary to what the house ruler tells us; sometimes the chart will emphasise them in so strong away that we can judge by them alone. Did he really love me?

Palaces and other grand buildings.

Joy This is much less significant, but still worth noting. Lord i and the Moon. Some charts are unequivocal; others demand that you tease out an answer. If you like CS Lewis and have read most of his works, you will find some ideas awtrology Lewis briefly touched upon further elaborated by Frawley.


In a lot of ways, it can be used to defend a Creationist view of the world. Can be helpful in vocational questions: The chart does not have a dressing-room where they can go to relax when they are not involved in the drama: Sstrology is quick; horary is simple.

The Real Astrology

Lilly might have been frightened of the consequences of his accusation, or uncertain of his judgement and scared of embarrassment if he had got it wrong. Things that mimic mental process, hence keys, that undo the lock of a problem. As an extension of the idea of the 12th as the house of our self-undoing, that in which we imprison ourselves, it also governs prisons. That is clear enough; but we can have an occasion without an event, or without the event turning out as we wish.

Yes, there is the possibility that the astrologer might be daft enough to credit the judgement drawn from such a chart.

The Real Astrology by John Frawley

After making enquiries, he heard of a fisherman with a reputation for thieving who had just moved to a house by the river, as was shown by the chart’s emphasis on water signs. This chapter is on essential dignity.

In the horary method as I explain it here, I am emphasising the goals scored. Only then do we come to the thorough study of natal astrology; for only through having attained mastery of horary and elections will the student have acquired sufficient knowledge to be able to soundly judge the infinitely more complex matter of a human life. Venus combust in Taurus is an ancient one. If you don’t know the difference, “Real” astrology is based on Some readers get angry with Frawley because he is not handing them a step by step recipe book on how to do a chart.


There is a fashion among those astrologers who study ancient texts to practice horary with whole sign houses. Occasion alone does not give us a full answer. A few of those who master natal astrology will find their way to a study of horary, as if that small proportion who study maths at university were finally to be introduced to the multiplication tables.

There are many others. It is quick, simple and effec- tive, providing concrete, verifiable answers.

Witchcraft, spreading malicious rumours, informing on people: Then, to frawey the prediction to come true, Lilly had to be in a position to obtain a warrant to search the thief’s house. Then turn to Appendix 2 for the answers. This statement, so stressed by the traditional authorities, seems to the sceptical modern as a ‘get-out clause’; but it is an intrinsic part of the whole attitude, without which judgement is impossible. Hereafter referred to rral RA Applied.

They both divide the sky into degrees. Nor would this tell us that he is effeminate and she wears the trousers. Finding Lord 1 in a double-bodied sign is strong testimony for taking it as signi- ficator for astrolovy couple or group. Judgement is also evidently always subject to the fallibility of the astrologer, though even the traditional authorities emphasise this rather less.

Venus Cold and moist; nocturnal; feminine.

John Frawley (astrologer)

If the context were different and I were asking about Susie, the amount of interest she had in me would be of the utmost significance. The Moon Cold and moist; nocturnal; feminine. What do you know?