HiFime Sabre UAE23HD USB DAC with Sabre DAC chip – compact ESS Sabre ESk2m DAC chip and SABRE headphone and line out driver. From what I heard from multiple manufactures, Yes, right now ESS Sabre is the best chip, and the is ONLY choice (for making high-end. I am a self-certified “fanboy” of ESS Sabre DAC chip family as a DIY digital audiophile. I bought ES Evaluation Board, ESK2M.

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We immediately agreed to import one to test it at home. I was very sceptical. What a challenge on their side.

Announcing new Hifime DAC’s with ESS Sabre

How can someone challenge the DACs which shaped the industry for decades? Lets give them a chance. I got the parcel from the US sabrd without thinking I hooked it up to Lampizator.


It was easy as Buffalo has no analog stage just Voltage output and Current output. But we don’t need it, we use tubes. After a 15 minute job of assembling the PS unit, Sabre was ready to sing.

Absolutely first class product. The sound was so good that I was speechless.

So many details, so much wealth, background information, new instruments, new microphones at the recording venue, I sat and I felt like I was there at the recording. My room disappeared and ews into the real musical event, with all the vibrations, reverb, sound reflections, all nuances, background notesand above all – the MUSIC.

Anedio D1 DAC review (ESS Sabre 9018)

This DAC paints such beautiful picture it is beyond words. Immediately I knew I had a gem at home. I knew this DAC is the best one I know.

The final battle will be between the two. Founded inESS Technology designs, markets and supports highly integrated mixed-signal semiconductor, hardware, software and system solutions. The company offers comprehensive, multimedia solutions for audio and video applications in the consumer electronics marketplace.


The company holds a leading market share position in the digital video market. ESS Technology has established excellent relationships with manufacturers based on years of providing superior service, meeting on-time delivery requirements, maintaining a low defect rate, and other important factors.

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