Ericsson AB | A | Figure -X. What does OSS Training Provide? › It allows to build and maintain competence for customers in OSS-RC, ENIQ ST and ENIQ. What is ENIQ? Ericsson Network IQ (ENIQ) Is a multi-vendor and multi- technology data mining and reporting system to measure network capabilities ( KPIs). The following WCDMA RAN analysis features are part of the Ericsson product portfolio: • ENIQ, Ericsson Network IQ • RES, Radio Environment Statistics.

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What is an ENIQ server and What is function?

Recall the transport domain, and eticsson various transport technologies used. The only prerequisite is that students are familiar with a telecoms network or any technology.

The sampling is only done if there is some activity ongoing for the measured entity. For the activation of one or more counters the user has to define a statistics profile. Do you know how operators manage their network elements? There are several other courses which act as ericssln add-on modules to this course, they are each 1day modules.

This course will detail the functions available for the OSS Navigator operator. One or more NE instances 3.

WDCMA Performance Statistics | Akteruzzaman Sumon –

But aside from that it’s free. Duration and class size The length of the course is 4 days and the maximum number of participants is 16 Learning situation This course is based on theoretical instructor-led lessons given erlcsson a classroom environment. On a daily basis must you respond to demands for information on the status of the network, network trends and optimization?

You are now acquainted with the ENIQ Operation using product reports, but sometimes you feel lost with the comprehensiveness of this new Performance Management solution. The counter does not consider whether or not the transmitted data originates from an MC-PQ.


– Ericsson

It indicates the total sum of all sample values taken during a certain time. Rev Last modified by: On completion of this course the participants ericssom be able to: Welcome to the Ericsson journey towards an agile WoW! So you know that the number of counters available is increasing exponentially, and current systems cannot cope with that amount enniq data.

This course will introduce you to the ENIQ Events technology, and will allow you to use the web interface functionalities to report on and troubleshoots on various aspects of the packet switched connection. System Engineer and Service Engineer. Learning objectives On completion of this course the participants will be able to 1 1. This workshop is extremely flexible, and is aimed at resolving real-life issues.

Duration and eridsson size The length of the course is 1 day. If the value falls within a certain range, the range counter for that range is increased.

It is not a substitute for Business Objects training if you are involved in developing reports. To migrate your existing customized reports or design more complex reports, you can attend the ENIQ 11 Statistics, Report migration workshop which is designed to answer your real-life issues and is best delivered on edicsson equipment.

F Commercial in Confidence 35 Email: Learning situation The course is based on instructor-led lessons and case-oriented exercises in a classroom environment.

Only when a counter is active values are generated, collected and can be analyzed.

Learning situation This is enkq workshop based on interactive training sessions in a classroom environment. Identify the various FM applications available. Participants are introduced to the Sub-Network Management Platform and learn how its components and applications provide comprehensive configuration, management and optimization applications. Duration and class size The length of the course is 7 days and the maximum number of participants is erlcsson. After the course the students should have the knowledge required to work as system operators, i.


Duration and class size The length eriicsson the course is 6 days and the maximum number of participants is 8. System Technicians, System Engineers. Ericsson Nikola Teslas view of collaboration between academic communities and enterprises Following this course you will be better prepared to use report published on the Web portal, but it will ericssn prepare you to attend further ENIQ 11 Statistics courses.

They will learn how OSS-RC R10 is used for centralized Operation and Maintenance of mobile networks, the nodes specific to each network as well as service layer equipment. Learning situation This course is based on theoretical instructor-led lessons given in a classroom environment.

After the course, the participants should have a basic understanding of how to use all the common OSS-RC applications and of how to proceed using the application themselves.

erifsson Welcome to the Ericsson journey towards an Agile WoW! Along with identifying the OSS applications and tools for management of specific technologies there are also a number of common applications that will be described in this training, such as those used for fault and performance management. Prerequisites Successful completion of the following courses: Get the plugin now.

All new node support will be covered along with any new features that have been introduced since R5, particularly in the areas of Performance Management, WCDMA and Core. When finishing the course the students will have a deeper understanding of operation and configuration eniw in AXE exchanges in an efficient way. If you are also involved in migrating existing statistical reports, this training may be a very good complement to the ENIQ 11 Statistics, Report migration workshop.