The hengeyokai (also known as katanga in Malatra) were an incredibly varied species of shapechangers. “Ecology of the Hengeyokai”. In Steve Winter ed. Hengeyokai is a character race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. 4th edition rules for hengeyokai first appeared in “The Ecology of the Hengeyokai” by Tim. Dungeons & Dragons Roleplaying Game Official Home Page – Article (Ecology of the Hengeyokai) Play as a furry? YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!.

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Page 5 of 6 First 1 2 3 4 5 6 Last Jump to page: Results 41 to 50 of Why’d they get the Dex bonus? As it sits, “tough” animals aren’t reflected very well — badgers and crabs and the like don’t get tougher or more tenacious or more resilient. If you wanted to go “Intelligent” like Hengeyokaai or some birds such as the Sparrow you also don’t have support in the race. And it’s not like we needed another race with a Dex bonus I mean, I guess that steps on a human’s toes a bit, but it seems the best way to fit a huge diversity of archetypes into a single race.

I suppose that’s why humans have it in the first place.

The Ecology of the Hengeyokai | Article | RPGGeek

It’s also a little odd that all the forms are Tiny, but I imagine cranes, dogs, etc. A little odd that my St Bernard Man can become Tiny It’s a cool race, and the mechanics work really well for certain forms, but not so well for others Originally Hengdyokai by Kamikaze Midget. I generally hate anthro characters, but I love this article as it finally gives me rules for playing Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy. Our next campaign is going to be “Journey to the West” better known as “Monkey!


Originally Posted by Shroomy.

Ecology of the Hengeyokai

That naturally led me to choose Dexterity as their fixed stat and I hope I backed up that in the flavor text and to choose a roster of favored classes that focused on movement thus the assassin, rogue, and monk; the choice of tje reflects their inherently magical nature and the fact ecooogy the wu jen was their favored class in 3e. Luckily, Intimidate is a Charisma-based skill. Make sure to send in your feedback to the playtest email!

Originally Posted by Unwise.

Originally Posted by Nemesis Destiny. IMHO, this is more option bloat. The game already covers shapeshifting humanoids; they’re called Shifters. No reason that this couldn’t have been done as alternate race features for Shifters similar to what they put in Neverwinter for Dwarves scology Elves. No offense to the author, of course.

I’d love to be published in Dragon someday myself, but I just don’t think this niche race adds anything to the game besides bloat. Yep, if included every subrace that appeared in previous editions we’d also have the following: Originally Posted by AbdulAlhazred.


Originally Posted by Dire Bare.

Finally got to the end of the “debate”, and I kinda-sorta agree with you. I wouldn’t use the term “option bloat”, but I’ve always felt the anthropomorphic animal races needed to be cleaned up. Just like the 4e designers felt there were too many “dragon-men” and “half-dragon” concepts floating around and so wrapped them up into the new dragonborn race, I’d like to see the same thing happen with animal-head-people!

I’d love to see one race concept that brought all of that together. Maybe for 5e, huh? However, as it stands now, I do think that the Hengeyokai concept from earlier editions doesn’t mesh well enough with the current Shifter race to simply make the hengejokai Hengeyokai types of Shifters.

I wouldn’t have minded seeing a little 4e style re-conception, however! Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

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