Diableries has 88 ratings and 6 reviews. Forrest said: Let’s get the obligatory cataloging information out of the way first, shall we?Diableries: Stere. Les Diableries is the title of a series of stereoscopic photographs published in Paris during the s. The photographs, commonly known as stereoviews, portray sculpted clay vignettes which depict scenes of daily life in Hell. Pellerin (), Diableries: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell, London Stereoscopic Company. ‘Diableries – Stereoscopic Adventures In Hell’ was published on 31 October , The book is a study of ‘Diableries’, which are French stereo cards produced.

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For Lomographer elmahiko, the best of both worlds can be found in the Serbian city of Novi Sad. Bob rated it it was amazing Nov 17, In France, aroundfrom the loins of a traditional national fascination with all things diabolical, was born a new sensation – a series of visionary dioramas depicting life in a strange parallel universe called ENFER – Hell – communicated to an eager audience diableeies means of stereoscopic cards, to be view A devilish s sensation – finally unleashed on the 21st century!

For a child living in the pre-digital age, it was like magic. Eric rated it it was amazing Oct 15, A set of 12 stereoscope cards from the book were later included in advntures ‘Victorian Gems’ boxed set in I adore the more unusual aspects i Victoriana, and I absolutely love this book.

Those of us over duableries certain age fear not – your secret is safe with me! The styles of the two great artists are very similar, yet distinct, and it is fascinating to speculate on their relationship with each other, as the series developed, and the compositions became more and more ambitious and complex.

Lists with This Book. Inside of the box, showing a complete list of the “A” series. The art and detail is amazing.

If you’re a new visitor to these shores, and are thinking ‘What in Hell is this 3-D stuff, and how do I diablefies it? This is so cool.


The eyes of each skeleton were then pricked out with a sharp instrument, and small pieces of red gel, or blobs of reddened varnish, were applied to the back of the pricked holes. Get creative and good luck! Jun 20, Mills College Library added it.

Francois Benjamin Lamiche, who owned the copyright to the earliest diableries and who must have hired Hennetier and, later, Habert, was a bitter opponent of the regime. We are told, in the historical section at the back of the book, that most French schools skip right over this period when teaching French history. One of the more damning diableries is “Satan the Journalist” in which the devil is portrayed as a two-faced being, one face looking cruelly on, whip in hand, as a demon made from a pair of scissors a reference to the extreme government censorship of the Second Empire cooks up scandalous news beneath a bank of drawers containing “Lies,” “New Mistakes” per the label on one drawerand absurd pieces of made-up news.

Open Preview See a Problem?

Les Diableries – Wikipedia

When one understands the symbols used and some of the situations represented, the book takes on a more. Well anyway, for those not familiar with this marvellous device, you would insert cardboard discs into a slot at the top and, by carefully holding your ugly lump of red plastic up to the light and peering into the viewing holes, could see various pictures – even licensed scenes from your favourite cartoons – sterescopic three dimensions.

The ‘Odalisques’ are Satan’s Harem girls. Paris is currently showing the handpicked shots of Dutch social documentary photographer during his coverage of the post-war period.

What are Diableries?

Iris Tower rated it it was amazing Oct 25, He published his first book about these cards in The book is a study of ‘Diableries’, which are French stereo cards produced between andwhich have fascinated Brian for over 40 years since first discovering them as a student. Brian May – yes, that Brian May: Stereoscopic Adventures in Hell 3D book to one lucky reader.

Satan leads his skeletal soldiers against some un-named enemy, the armies of whom wear the Prussian Picklehaube – a clear reference to the siege of Paris during the Franco-Prussian War and Napoleon III’s defense of Dizbleries. Preview — Diableries by Brian May. The resulting stefeoscopic pair of prints was made on thin albumen paper, and water-colours were applied to the back of the prints.


The book contains pages and full colour photographs, and comes in a slipcase with an ‘Owl’ stereoscope viewer. This section provides a window into some fascinating stereo cards, which were made exclusively in France, beginning in the s, and continuing on until around Michelle rated it it was amazing Mar 31, A Lecture by Miss Satan.

His son, Alphonse Benjamin, had died of typhus while en route to the Adventurds War, and the government, it seems, did not notify the family in a timely manner. The writing, the interpretation of the satire, the work these French artists took mainly two in creating what could be called diorama’s, all dating from the Second Empire of Napolean the Third.

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Visit the West Licht Gallery in Vienna for this once in a lifetime display of best women diabbleries who shaped the social documentary genre.

The Father of Lies? Kieran Dunn rated it it was amazing Nov 19, Most of these tableaux were made by two men: Laura rated it it was amazing Jun 27, The duableries portrayed in the diableries are as varied as life itself. A Diablerie is a special kind of stereo card with images of the underworld on them. The reader is taken on a dark journey to a fantastic imaginary underworld of devils, satyrs and skeletons. A diableriees film titled ‘ One Night In Hell ‘ was released inwhich features animated scenes based on Diableries featured in the book.