Destinator 9. Model name, Map We do a “Factory Reset” according to the instructions described in the user manual of the device. Again, it is. Download destinator full 9 :: Mb GPS GPS pdf manual download View and Download AVITON. AZMA user manual. Hardware and Software are proprietary to Destinator Technologies or its User’s Guide Destinator. 9. Getting Started. Screen Buttons. The following buttons .

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As you drive, Destinator PN provides you with turn-by-turn voice and visual directions, letting you know when your next turn is due. A pop-up message requiring confirmation destibator.

It shows the basic relief outline and desyinator of the surrounding roads and general area. North is up — orients the map so that north is always at the top. The icon indicates the next view to be displayed. Fill in the required information to create your account on Destinator Community, and click on Next. Manuual Pedestrian Mode, the navigation radius is restricted to 10 kilometres 6 miles. The GPS may take a few minutes to find its current location initially.



Click Next to continue. This mode is the one you will use most frequently. From the Destination Menu, press the Avoid Roads button to display a list of road categories. When you highlight this item, information about the location is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Displays GPS status, such as information about your satellite fix, and the latitude, longitude and altitude of your position.

The third box displays the location of the destination you have highlighted. If this is the first time you are using Trip Planner you will need to create a Trip Folder in which to store your trip details.

Enter a new category name eg: Sending an SMS might mean that you will be charged by your carrier. Select your language preference for the voice prompts, and click OK. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. Don’t have an account? Automatic reconnect — Select this option to ensure automatic reconnection whenever the GPS signal is lost.

Creating information about locations in this way is much faster than entering the information via the PDA keyboard. We recommend that you use the default directory on your PC and click Next. This chapter contains the following topics: The selected map is temporally loaded to hard disk. There are four steps for installing Destinator PN: Destinator Dwstinator User Guide 4.


Acer Destinator PN User Manual

Press Yes and you drstinator exit. First, highlight a point in the right-hand pane, and then click one of these icons. Metric Kilometers and meters Press the button to save your selection and return to the map screen.

Destinator PN User Guide 8. After the route has been created you can create a map from it and download the map to your Pocket PC.

Destinator PN User Guide Dynamic cursor Destinator PN’s screen cursor has the capability to automatically change its appearance so that you will be informed of several important navigation conditions: POI navigation is especially handy when destjnator need to find a facility, attraction or amenity by category or type.

The icon indicates the next item to be displayed.