Cathedral has ratings and reviews. Kemper said: In the early ’80s a group of Irish terrorists seize St. Patrick’s Cathedral and take hostages d. Cathedral is a novel by American author, Nelson DeMille. The novel involves the seizing of St. Patrick’s Cathedral by members of the Irish Republican . Cathedral by Nelson DeMille – book cover, description, publication history.

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The hammer fell home and made a loud, metallic thud. If she were stopped at a roadblock and the Royal Ulster Constabulary found the letters … She opened the window and threw her pistol out, then let the letters sail into the wind.

She choked down a sob and steadied her breathing.

Then why had she been arrested under the Special Powers Act? I’m sure the issues weren’t presented in all their complexities, but it seemed a lot like any other long-standing conflict.

How old are you?

This led to some drag. Pleanty of suspense and action.

Demiole was also interesting to see the varying responses of the police and politicians, and to follow the process of conflict resolution that followed a course more j tended to make the participants look good than actually honestly address the issues in the most appropriate, logical way.


Coogan bent over, placed the pistol between Harding’s wide-open eyes, and fired again.

Cathedral Summary & Study Guide

I had read this book back when I was in high school at the recommendation of my good friend Andrew Cox. As you always get from DeMille, an exciting, suspenseful read.

Ewbank rated it really liked it Shelves: She saw a young priest trying to calm a group of people. His hostages include, Demille Malone,a former terrorist the woman Brain Flynn once loved turned peace activist. I’ll not ride with him. She knew she would hit only their backs from that range, but she couldn’t bring herself to move closer for a head shot.

Open Preview See a Problem? If the deemille are not made by 6: Parts of the action were just too detailed and spread over too many characters.

Cathedral (novel) – Wikipedia

Patricks, and New York. The guard kept up an anti-Catholic tirade until the truck stopped and the tailgate swung open, revealing a large, floodlit enclosure surrounded by barbed wire and machine-gun towers. We could use some air. Another solid effort by one of my favorite authors. I wanted to like this book — because DeMille is my leading guilty pleasure these days.

Belfast,Ulster, Northern Ireland and St. The cathedral doors are slammed shut and the band of Provisionals set bombs at the cathedrao, and at key structural support positions in the cathedral. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.


Jun 25, Marcie rated it it was ok. And they all have Irish names Subplots keep this from being just a straight hostage negotiation story, catyedral one involving a British intelligence officer with his own agenda.

If these demands are accomplished, Brain and his Fenians, will leave the Cathedral and release the hostages. I need to put this on my list to re-read. Major Martin was after something else. This is nslson older Nelson DeMille book that I had missed reading. She stared back at his eyes and displayed no emotion, but her stomach heaved. He drummed his fingers impatiently on the desk.

And beside you on the scaffold will be your sister, Maureen. He also co-authored Mayday with Thomas Block and has contributed short stories to anthologies, and belson reviews and articles to magazines and newspapers. For an army guy to use the term automatic pistol that his cops seems to own.