of electrical safety, SIBILLE FAMECA. ELECTRIC has become a major supplier for all companies who have to face electricity hazards. Our expertise allows us to . Consult SFE / SFE International’s entire SFE International catalogue catalogue on DirectIndustry. Page: 1/ Search in SFE / SFE International catalogs and technical brochures on DirectIndustry and find the information you need in 1 click.

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The Sibbille Electrical Safety Products Division enjoys worldwide recognition as a manufacturing company providing solutions for the protection of property and persons against electrical hazards.

Sibille Fameca General Catalogue | PDF Flipbook

In this high-risk environment, ESP is demonstrating its capacity for permanent adaptation to the needs of its national and inter national clients and its ability to develop its products continuously to keep up with changes in regulations. It is also supplemented through the development of new functionalities Warning meshes catalogus markers. Screen far enough away from the face to allow the wearing of glasses. Optical quality class 1 screen: The face is fully covered thanks to the cataligue of the screen.


The crash box absorbs Industrial safety helmet protects the wearer against accidental electrical contact.

Textile harness with 4 points chinstrap. Removable headband, adjustable from 53 to 63 cm, adjustment For climbers, work in suspension, or mining work.

Adjustable integrated face shield, with green lens. Face shield with adjustable and removable chin strap. Face shield with good optical quality that avoids visual distortions.

Delivered with the support for helmet and without helmet. Description Adjustable electrician face shield catalkgue support for helmet Face shield alone Support The Online Industrial Exhibition. Open the catalog to page 2. Open the catalog to page 3.

Sibille Fameca General Catalogue

Open the catalog to page 4. Open the catalog to page 5. Open the catalog to page 7.

Open the catalog to page 8. Open the catalog to page 9. Open the catalog to page Related Searches Latex glove Current measurement Cable stripping machine Adjustable wrench Torque screwdriver Ratchet wrench Voltage sensing Wire shears Insulation test Stripping system Hydraulic cable cutter Transporting box Polycarbonate safety glasses Leather safety catallgue Construction safety shoes Waterproof safety shoes Plastic safety glasses Tubular sleeve Leather safety boots Portable detector.