Boxing has 34 ratings and 1 review. Steve said: Originally published in , this is the best book of it’s kind I’ve been able find from the era. EDWIN L. HAISLET is Executive Director, Department of Alumni Relations, University of Minnesota. He was formerly Boxing Coach and Assistant Professor of. Results 1 – 7 of 7 Boxing by Haislet, E. and a great selection of related books, art and Boxing. Haislet, Edwin L. Published by New York: The Ronald Press.

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Continue, with the right arm and right leg working as one. Colby Draney rated it really liked it Apr 25, Slip to the outside position and drive a straight left to the chin. Feinting is the art of using the body in feinting attack at one point, and then attacking another. The movement gains the inside position which is the best position for attack.

Carry the right hand high and in position to guard or counter. Hinged to the upper two corners of the board are two small pipes.

As the opponent leads, step either in or out, countering with either hand, To draw a left lead to the body, raise the right elbow. It is an easy blow tn time, carries terrific power and is best used in conjunction with the outside parry and left jab or a right cross.

Once the straight line of the left side of the body is broken, power is lost because the straight left side of the body is the anchor, the pivot point, the hinge from which power and force is generated to its greatest height. A left lead exposes the left side of the body, while a ewin lead exposes almost all of the upper trunk.


BOXING by Edwin L. Haislet | Kirkus Reviews

By forcing—Assume the fundamental position. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form, either wholly or in part, for any use whatsoever, including radio presentation, without the written permission of the copyright owner with the exception of a reviewer hzislet may quote brief bosing in a review printed in a magazine or newspaper. The technique of the straight right is just this: The weight is shifted to the right leg and the body is turned almost to the side.

A position of the hands and arms which facilitates easy body expression is important. The outside parry on a straight right lead—Assume the fundamental position.

The twist of the waist is a direct turn from right to left, with no swinging or swaying. Jeff Flores rated it it was amazing Dec 08, Turn the body slightly to the right. Be sure that the waist turns the arms, not that the arms turn edwih waist The arms will swing out freely with every turn of the body.

It is the same idea as in slamming a door.

The right heel is raised about two inches off bkxing floor, with the right knee bent. Hitting is done with the body, not the arms; the arms are merely the vehicles of force. If balance is to be maintained at all times, it is absolutely necessary that the feet be always directly under the body. With the chin dropped directly forward and pinned tight to the breast-bone the muscles and bone structure are in the best possible alignment, and only the top of the head edwon presented to the opponent making it impossible to hit a man on the point of the chin Figure 5, page 4.


The left hand does not move with the body, but remains in the fundamental position. It is not a recommended procedure and has no place in the tool kit of the skillful boxer.


On a straight left lead, slip to the inside guard position and hook the right to the heart. It means balance—but movement and balance together. Force the left arm up and outward into complete extension.

Not only does it take ddwin to get in close, but it takes skill to stay there. In so doing the left jab slips over the right shoulder, the right hip rotates inward and the right knee bends slightly. As- sum;e the fundamental position. Continue O left jab and straight right combined with circling left 1. However, it contains original formatting and image scans. A well delivered blow, even if blocked, will disturb balance, prevent countering, and create openings for other blows.

The forward and backward shuffle using the straight right 1. It is a necessary knowledge against an opponent who will not lead. As the opponent jabs a left baislet, parry to the outside position with a right hand, at the same time taking a quick step with the left foot.