By John Horn, Ph.D. and Heather E. P. Cattell, Ph.D. Raymond Bernard Cattell, who died at his home in Honolulu on February 2, , must rank among the. Raymond Bernard Cattell (March 20, – February 2, ) was a Influenced by the work of Cyril Burt, Charles Spearman (who was. Personalidad de. Raymond Bernard. Cattell. Dr. Gonzalo Adán. UIB. sobre todo a partir de su teorías sobre la personalidad. Autor o . Trayectoria y biografía.

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Next, he accepted the G. In these writings, Cattell brought together evidence from a methodologically sophisticated program of research studying personality and detailed a comprehensive biotrafia of the development and organization of personality over the life span.

Catteol Review, 50 British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 51 He, in turn, founded and edited The Scientific Monthlywhich went to the subscribers of the old Popular Science Monthly as a substitute. For example, if “frequency of exercise” and “blood pressure level” were measured on rraymond large group of people, then intercorrelating these two variables would provide a quantitative estimate of the degree to which “exercise” and “blood pressure” are directly related to each other.

Cattell found that constructs used by early psychological theorists tended to be somewhat subjective and poorly defined.

Devon’s Memorial to Raymond B. Cattell

Cattell was born in England in and grew up in a seaside Devonshire town where his father was a mechanical engineer who worked on such projects as developing innovations for WWI military equipment, for the steam engine, and for the new internal combustion engine.

These findings have paralells in studies by other psychologists. Factor-analytic studies conducted by many researchers in diverse cultures around the world have provided substantial support for the validity of these 16 trait dimensions.


In addition, he has brought together numerous outstanding authors in influential edited books, perhaps most notably the two Handbooks of Multivariate Experimental Psychology Cattell entered Lafayette College in at the age of sixteen, ramond graduated in four years with the highest honors.

Texas Christian University Press. The whole family shared in Cattell’s editorial work. Motivation and dynamic calculus: Dictionary of American Biography.

Ernest Tupes | Pavlov’s Couch

The thinking of Raymond Bernard Cattell — on religion, and his religious thought. As evidence for its continuity, Cattell suggests that gF abilities are rarely affected by brain injuries. University of South Africa [2]. This incident and its lack of resolution ultimately reflected worse on the APA than on Cattell or his accusers.

Not surprisingly, people with a high capacity of gF tend to acquire more gC knowledge and at faster rates. Under Wundt, Cattell became the first American to publish a dissertation in the field of psychology. Goodheart Melba J. The terms should not be taken to imply that one form of intelligence is the “crystallized” form of the other. The birth of the society of multivariate experimental psychology.

Raymond Cattell was born on 20 March in Hill TopWest Bromwich, a small town raymojd England near Birmingham where his father’s family was involved in inventing new parts for engines, automobiles and other machines.

Galton made the first investigations into what has become known as the lexical hypothesis — the idea that. Miller Paul E. This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat A historical review of trait taxonomic research.

Fluid intelligence includes such abilities as problem-solving, learning, and pattern recognition.

The story epitomizes scientific effort at its best. According to the Citation Index, he is one of the ten most cited psychologists, and this is true with regard to not only citations in social science journals but also those in science journals generally. Interpretation of the factors of the questionnaire derive from research and practical applications in a variety of social, clinical, industrial, and educational settings.


Several forms of the 16PF have been produced—some for different language and culture groups, and some for poor readers. Thus, his growing up years were a dr when great technological and scientific ideas and advances were taking place and this greatly influenced his perspective on how a few people could actually make a difference in the world.

Tyler Albert Bandura Donald T. Shaffer Orval Hobart Mowrer E.

Raymond Cattell

Fifty Key Thinkers in Psychology p. Manual for the Eight State Questionnaire. He clarified his theory of fluid versus crystallized intelligence, which he presented at the APA convention. One of the results of Cattell’s application of factor analysis was his discovery of 16 separate primary trait factors within the normal personality sphere based on the trait lexicon.

James McKeen Cattell

He moved to Hawaii inwhere he took on the position of professor and adviser at the University of Hawaii and later taught at the Hawaii School of Professional Psychology, now the American School of Professional Psychology. Such tests range from the mildy amusing to the scientifically supported and thorough. It has been classified as “trait theory” though it deals with much more than merely the enduring characteristics whereby one person can be distinguished from another; it is also an account of states and systematic changes in behavior brought about through motivation and learning.