CL Series is a great compressor for tracking and bus/master stages and sound shaping. You can’t go wrong with it and it’s worth every euro. Free Download ArtsAcoustic CL Series – A bundle of three well engineered audio plugins designed to replicate the accuracy and quality of. The version of ArtsAcoustic CL Series is available as a free download on our website. Our antivirus scan shows that this download is virus.

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User Name Remember Me? Compression, mixer and recording advice!!! Ok, so I’m recording totally organic drums for an album I’m doing coming up.

No trigger replacements or any of that shit this time around, just trying to do things as raw dog as possible but still have it sound good. It’s only an external mixer and I run it direct USB into my sound card with Reaper as my software, of course.

It directs every channel into one signal so Artsacousttic can only record it as a single track as opposed to adding sends and setting each track to record individually kick, snare, cymbals, etc. So this has limited me a tiny bit because most of the production will have to be done externally.


Mid 90s Crunchy Techno Drums – What gear ?

The soundboard is actually not too bad for what it is and will suffice for overhead micing. But I do want to add a compressor to other things so I just bought an Alesis compressor with 2 channels and 2 insert cables.

You can’t create ‘sub-groups’ on my board so I will be able to compress ONLY 2 tracks, definitely the top snare mic and it’s a toss up between the bottom snare or kick drum depending on what I can do with the board.

So here are my questions finallyhow will the signal from the compressor return to my board so I can c, it? AND, what are some opinions on the usage of reverb when paired with a compressor? I’ve heard some say that reverb should be added strictly in post production but with the way everything is set up, I’d be tossing reverb over artsacoustif kicks which would sound disgusting.

My board does boast a lot of different types of reverb though so it could be something I add before post. Anyway, I’m done rambling. Yes use the compressor on the inserts. Hate to say this with your outlay but you’ve probably gone the wrong way with your setup if the Peavey mixer can’t send separate channels to the computer.


Reaper obviously gives a million times more control with routing etc, so should have gotten an external soundcard that you could record multiple channels with that had the same number of mic and line-ins etc. And just the plugins that comes included like ReaComp or other free stuff like Epicverb sound way better than cheaper hardware.

DOWNLOAD ArtsAcoustic CL Series + Crack Keygen PATCH | UPDATED

Then you could like lc pro hardware studio put a certain type of compressor on the snare, another on the other and limiter on the sum etc, and ditto with reverb.

Not to twist it in here, but just for inspiration, try the ArtsAcoustic CL Series demo on the snare to hear the difference. Or the Stillwell stuff for example. Find More Posts by V’ger.

Compression, mixer and recording advice!!! – Cockos Incorporated Forums

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