ABSTRACT. Although no conventional biography of Allan Boesak has been published, either by himself or others, as far as we are aware, we have enough data. The unsettling Story about Allan Boesak’s Involvement in the Struggle against Apartheid. Mary-Anne Plaatjies-Van Huffel. University of Stellenbosch. Anti-apartheid activist and pastor, Allan Boesak, has criticised South African churches for forgetting their role in the new South Africa.

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Apart from numerous articles on theology and politics Allan Boesak is the author a,lan 17 books, editor of one, and co-editor of three. The Beginning of a Movement By: Elizabeth McGlone Restorative practices is an unfamiliar name to many people, and often a misunderstood concept.

Speaker Kristina Hulvershorn explained that people assume restorative practices mean letting students walk all over the teacher and do whatever qllan want, but this is not the case. Thursday, July 14th at 6: How do you reconcile a commitment to non-violence when faced with violence? Why do the poor […].


Woodson writes with a sure understanding of the thoughts of young people, offering a poetic, eloquent narrative […].

Allan Boesak – TEDxIndianapolis

Publications Apart from numerous articles on theology and politics Allan Boesak is the author of 17 books, editor of one, and co-editor bkesak three. Kok, Maryknoll New York: Translated into Swedish and Italian. Als dit verraad is, ben ik schuldig, Baarn: Ten Have, ; English version: With Charles Villa-Vicencio Eds.

When Prayer Makes News, reflections on the call for a day of prayer for the end to unjust rule, Philadelphia: Machtigen heeft hij van de troon gestoten. Sermons in Dutch, Texte aus dem Widerstand. Sermons and speeches in German, Speeches and sermons in Danish, Westminster Press, ; with German translation, Shadows of the Light — biblical reflections in a time of trial, Pretoria: Also translated into Afrikaans: Tot sterwens toe, Gedigte.

Poems a,lan Afrikaans, Wild Goose Publications, Sun Press, ; UK edition, Glasgow: Sun Press, Dreaming a Different World: The Politics of Hope or the Politics of Delusion.


Hopkins and Antonio Edwards, Eds. Desmond Tutu Center, W.

Language does not just describe reality. Language creates the reality it describes.