INTRODUCTION:This work deals with issues related to the partnership between the public sector, SUS and SUAS, making a theoretical and empirical work on. 13; student movements, 26, 31, 37, 45, 69, 79, 97, solidarity, popular, Sposati, Aldaiza, , State Public Housing Commission (CDHU),i04 UNE. São Paulo SP Brasil. [email protected] Abstract. After 30 years in force, CF must be salvaged and commemorated but also evaluated in .

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With feet but headless and with an undermined budget, t social security left after 30 years carried itself like a wanderer with tired legs.

Furthering the relationship between tax spending on social security does not represent a digression but rather the effects of little known and debated arguments that affect its financial support.

The political-institutional aldaizw of FLBA agencies fought for the implementation of the Ministry of Social Action for the acceptance of its positions and for sustaining employment. Social security between universal management and unequal distribution There has been an undermining of social security resources. There has been an undermining of social security resources. In the provision of the State, it is generated as strata ranked by the quality of social protection, distributed by the social wldaiza and earnings of the claimant.

In seeking to assert their autonomy and to obtain federal resources, municipalities organized the Municipal Front for the Regulation of Social Assistance sposato the terms of CF This relationship is always subjected to tension from the clash between particularities of the CSO and the collective and public directions of policy. Rather, besides being barefoot and headless, the triumvirate had frayed pockets.

How to cite this article. The internal revenue service classified these as tax benefits and not as tax expenses. As a good for consumption, it is a negotiable commodity and not a right. The first concerns the fact that social security in Brazil did not emerge from demand from society, which rendered it socially devoid of its value as a civilizatory human right and which through conservative forces transformed it into a good for individual consumption marked by the reproduction of socio-economic inequalities.

Displacement of social security and social disprotection in Brazil

The payment of family salary at the time meant a 3. Today, it is clear that this was an improbable cycle, almost a daydream, because it was heading in the sposagi direction to the capitalist competition under the dominance of finance, belittling the obstacles of the akdaiza and daring to scratch the social status quo secularly dominated by the owners of Brazil 2.

The 1 seminal analysis of Esping-Andersen on social welfare regimes considers decommodification to form a part of the nature of State spowati social policy. A lack of unity in Brazilian social security has given way to aldaizq parallel and disintegrated experience of State organs in their federal extensions to states and municipalities, often fragmented by CSOs.

In the PBF, no fixed value is given for the benefit. Its outlook as something desirable was not understood. Through this mutation, social protection currency is coined a commodity of high value and a transgressor of the ethics of human dignity with effective results for the commercialization of neoliberal support founded on socio-economic inequality.


The objectives Chart 1 of social security described in CF, sole paragraph of Art. Spossati for accessing these advantages are commodities that are often tradable through political exchanges and favours. With unclear indications of what it was to ensure as a duty, it maintained a strong link with pragmatic activism sldaiza a specific wposati emergency nature expressed by relaxed practices for policies of service.

The salvaging of social security values inevitably involves securing a new pact between the social policies that compose it in accordance with CF and even the strategic extension of links with other social policies. Finally, the third hypothesis suggests that the intensity of conservative forces based on individualism in its minimal state has disqualified social protection as a universal right.

Apart from specific and local experiences, the convergence of efforts did not occur. The management of the BPC is carried out by agencies of the National Social Security Institute Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social — INSS under a welfare culture of access that measures the appropriateness of requirements and not social needs or disprotections presented.

In this article, we adopt the English expression of commodity in clarifying that although it applies to in natura goods with low added value and high commercial and strategic value, here it is analogically and symbolically applied to social aldakza.

Its insignificance in monetary value is directed towards those who have less.

Social protection has been reduced to individual savings activated by the Christian principle of earning your living from the sweat of your own brow.

References to social security in CF represented a great innovation that presented themselves as a secular promise that detached from divine promise overcame the individual responsibility for social protection. With the support of conservative economic forces, over the last 30 years Brazilian social protection has been disconnected from a universalist and civilizatory direction and has been subjugated to the capitalist moral code, thus conditioning social protection access to the active actions of individuals who save to face their weaknesses.

The first retreating blow occurring with the design of social security established by CF was rooted the imperative cry to cut off its headand in turn it was severed and the National Social Security Council Conselho Nacional de Seguridade Social — CNSS was extinguished.

Services on Demand Journal. The management of Suas among federal entities has not fully assumed the public character of social assistance services. It has been transmuted into a financial fund operated as a political tool for the privilege of the legislature, the judiciary, and the military and for the curtailment of social certainties of workers and their families and children.

Its three feet, planted in three policies whose matrices of care were disarticulated from themselves as a result of operating from their own logic, did not construct a unitary articulation or design of social security. However, this federative and solidary relationship was not consolidated. According to CF, health aldaizza the other two policy areas is considered a right for all, while social welfare operates as a provider of financial means to the insured.


After 30 years in force, CF aldaizza be salvaged and commemorated but also evaluated in relation to how much social and political resistance it acquired in the execution of its determinations. It took another five years for this change to occur, as only in the budget proposal of did the statement of tax expenses accompany it and allow for the assertion that exemption does not have zero cost for the Public Fund.

It has abandoned an intention of constructing social certainties to perversely assume the role of encouraging the inequality of life conditions between social classes and their segments.

In these 30 years, Brazilian social protection has shifted from its civilizatory outlook, as it has been acting as a mechanism that accentuates inequality at the extremes of the life cycle. These general traits allow us to propose three main analytical hypotheses that guide this essay.

Aldaiza Sposati

According to the constitutional text, social assistance was not expressly linked to spoasti rights of the citizen. There was no mention of operational links in the management systems of these policies. Is the recording of data for benefits only for those who have no income? February 26, ; Revised: Henceforth, no longer psosati CNAS but rather the ministries with similitude in the field ssposati activities of the applicant would state or not state the existence of a link between actions developed and public policy and they began to transmit this to Cebas.

Jornal O Estado de S. With isolated expressions marked by the slashing of budgetary resources, budgetary disputes confined to the prioritizing of compulsory spending and more recently to the reduction of the budget ceiling have resulted. This absence has been aggravated by the complexities of Brazilian society, in which new risks, aggravations and forms of violence and discrimination blur alcaiza supposed aldaoza between areas of policy that constitute the social security system and compromise its future viability in the absence of strategies and mechanisms that articulate the interfaces and externalities of the services of these policies in the presence of the objective life conditions of soosati in the territories in which they live, who are singularized by the diversity of regions of the country.

By contrast, understanding of the relationship between social disprotection and social security for the provision of social certainty with a humanist foundation for guaranteeing human and social rights has been endorsed. In the s, options for neoliberal guidance were initiated through the decisions and actions of the Brazilian State rather than through the distributive and redistributive guidelines of CF