Get this from a library! A nyugat alkonya: a világtörténelem morfológiájának körvonalai. [Oswald Spengler; Juhász Anikó.; Csejtei Dezső; Simon Ferenc.]. hogy vegyen mégegyszer, vagy hogy maradjon tovább, vagy vonakodni az ajtóban, ma már nem divatosak. Nyugat országaiban, de a XV. században teljes . Finland, Länsimaiden illankoitto. Hungary, Civilizáció – a nyugat alkonya. Sweden, Är västvärldens storhetstid förbi? USA (DVD title), Civilization: The West and.

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Some weeks before the revolution, fi nally, a small subunit of the Hungarian civil intelligence was offi cially authorized to start working in Romania in order to provide support to the local opposition forces, especially among the ethnic Hungarians. Offizielle und inoffizielle Beziehungen in einer ungarisch-slowakischen Zwillingsstadt The present work attempts to answer three questions regarding Italian-Hungarian economic relations during the Cold War era.

The first part of the article places the question of Szekler identity-building in nyubat general theoretical framework and briefly sketches the political, social and demographic background of the community.

This chapter examines relations between Romania and the European Common Market between the beginning of the s and the late s.

The newly learnt language proved essential to his existential survival of a after his coming back to Cluj, in The most important asset of this transfer, beside the economic aspect, was its relevant cultural and also political content due the presence of a significant Hungarian minority living in the southern district of present-day Slovakia.

Although the half-million strong Szekler community found itself in the Roma, Carocci editore,pp.

On the basis of lists prepared by the Soviet security services, he was arrested along with some hundreds of prominent members of the Hungarian community and deported to a forced labor camp in the USSR.


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Pamiec i Sprawiedliwosc”no. Jan 30, Publication Name: Hungarian Historical Review 2, no. A Lifelong Story of Collaboration and Service more. Thirdly, alkomya kind of illegal party-financing techniques enabled Hungarian-Italian trade to circumvent Cold War restrictions? A Nyugat alkonya more. Sep 30, Publication Name: Finally, the article assesses the influence of early Transylvanism on the building of Szekler identities in the interwar period.

Lustrazione e commissioni storiche nella Romania postcomunista more. The object of this study is an extensive dossier produced between and by the Hungarian intelligence services on the German-born journalist of Gottfried Kusen, employed at the Vatican Radio since and resident in Italy since Since the last s intelligence information on Romania was gathered into the so called X fi les, but according to senior Hungarian intelligence offi aklonya, until this information was neither elaborated nor used for operative purposes.

In the HAR also suffered territorial reshaping, its Hungarian-born political leadership being replaced by ethnic Romanian cadres. Even most importantly, this The Hungarian minority in Transylvania and the Romanian state security more. I rapporti commerciali italo-ungheresi durante la guerra fredda.

Csejtei Dezső

Central European history and Visegrad Group. The whole guide can be downloaded from the following link: Behind the persistent political and diplomatic conflict between the countries of Western Europe and Eastern Europe, there existed a formal and, to an even greater degree, informal sphere of cooperation, and investigations of the transnational economic contacts that took place within these formal and informal spheres of cooperation produced surprising and valuable results.

Mar Publication Name: Hungarian intelligence and the Vatican, more. Il fascicolo di spionaggio come fonte storica more. Accidente storico o ritorno alla storia? Eastern Europe since more. Venti anni dopoMilano, Unicopli,pp. Budapest, Libri,pp. Nov Publication Name: The decisive shift from a class dictatorship toward an ethnicized totalitarian regime was the product of the Gheorghiu-Dej era and, as such, it represented the logical outcome of a long-standing ideological fouling of Romanian communism and more traditional state-building ideologies.


Tanárképzési reform – A nyugat alkonya – video dailymotion

To put is shortly: Intwo long-standing enemies such as the Hungarian and the Romanian secret service, were forced to start a mostly informal mutual cooperation under Soviet guidance.

CommunismChurch Historyand History of Transylvania.

European Union Politics and Hungary. Romanian HistoryCommunismand Ethnicity. Budapest, Committee of National Remembrance,pp. The massive release of secret documents concerning the internal and the external policy of the former Communist bloc, including sensible topics such as mass repression in the s, and the intelligence work carried out in the following decades against a large part of the civil population, had a deep impact on civil society, who became the main advocate of moral renewal to be achieved through lustration proceedings.

This paper deals with the controversial legacy of Communism on the historical research and the public debate in Romania, by placing this case-study into the broader context of post-totalitarian experiences in Latin America, Africa and Europe. During the last decades of the communist regimes, significant parts of the formerly persecuted elite came to work together with the state security organs.

Post-Soviet Regimes and History of Hungary.